Interesting Births , Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number

 A woman’s ability to give birth usually centers on biological changes that occur, such as having a menstrual cycle and undergoing menopause. However, there have been some instances where age has defied what we deem as normal ages for females to give birth. In this article, you will learn about some of the oldest people to give birth, as well as a case surrounding the youngest person to give birth.

The Youngest Mother Ever

Unfortunately, females can give birth regardless if they have reached what is typically considered normal. There have been several cases that have proven that the sexual maturity of a female is not determined by age. The youngest mother ever in the world is Lina Medina from Peru, who gave birth to a boy on May 14, 1939. She was only five years old at the time. During the childhood of her son, Geraldo, he grew up believing that his grandmother was his mother and his real mother was his older sister.

When he was 40 years old, he died of bone marrow disease, but there was no evidence to suggest the circumstances of his birth had anything to do with his death. Studies were conducted on the little girl and baby, but the results are difficult to track down. The mother and son were perfectly healthy and suffered no effects from the unusual birth.

In 1972, Medina married and gave birth to her second child shortly after. This birth occurred 33 years after her son Geraldo was born. The identity of Geraldo’s biological father is not known, and Medina refuses to release those details.
The Oldest Mother Ever

Rajo Devi had been trying to conceive with her husband throughout the 50 years that they were married. In her late 50s, she underwent menopause and thought that becoming a mother was impossible. That was until she joined a fertility program at an in-vitro clinic. Devi was 70 years old when she was successfully impregnated by a donor egg that was fertilized with the sperm of her 72-year old husband. She gave birth on December 6, 2008, to a healthy baby girl. Devi was also healthy throughout and after her pregnancy. The proud parents were so pleased with the results of the program , they also attempted to have a baby boy through in-vitro fertilization.

Other women who have had children in their 70s include:

”¢    Ellen Ellis (1776) , In the town of Clwyd, Wales, Ellen Ellis supposedly had her 13th child on May 15, 1776. Ellis was 72 years old at the time that her son was born, and had been married for 46 years. The child was unfortunately stillborn when he came into the world.

”¢    Omkari Panwar (2008) , An emergency cesarean section was performed on Omkari Panwar (in India) when she gave birth to twins (boy and girl) at the age of 70 years old. Both of the babies weighed two pounds each when they were born. Panwar underwent an IVF treatment to become pregnant so that her and her husband could produce a male heir. Before the twins were born, the pair had already brought two adult daughters into the world.