Interesting Facts About Death I

Some people are just as preoccupied with what happens in death as they are with their life. If you are curious as to some of the more unknown and interesting facts concerning your final moments and what happens thereafter, continue reading. For example, not all things come to an end after you have died. In this article, you will learn what still happens after you are deceased, as well as other interesting facts.


The human head can remain conscious for around 15 to 20 seconds after it has been decapitated. As for the common household cockroach, they can live for nine days without their heads, and die only because of starvation.

The Role of Enzymes

The body has various enzymes that jumpstart the digestion process and continues to work until waste is removed from the body. When you die, these same enzymes are still carrying out their duty , eating away at your body. This process takes place on the third day of your death. Bacteria attack the dead cells, which create a kind of gas that is released. This added substance bloats and adds pounds to the body.

Death Certificate Changes

In the past, Americans were officially classified as dying of ‘old age’ until 1951. The government decided to remove this form of classification on death certificates.

Your Senses

When an individual takes his last breath, the first sense usually gone is the ability to see, followed by taste, smell, and touch. The last sense to go is usually hearing.

Unusual Form of Fuel

During the 19th century, Egypt had such a large number of mummies that they actually started to use the dead bodies for fuel to power the engines of their trains.

Pollution After Death

The eco-friendly individual may want to reevaluate their final wishes for their burial, as the fluids used to embalm the body (formaldehyde, ethanol and methanol) seeps into the soil , destroying the nutrients and affecting the surrounding living things. If you choose a cremation, harmful toxic gases are released into the air, which is said to affect the holes in the ozone layer.

Dangerous Pens

It is said that about 100 people each year will choke to death on a ballpoint pen.

Hospital Statistics

It is said that 80% of people who die in the United States pass away inside of a hospital.


In an attempt to send a dead body back into nature, there is a cultural/religious group of people called the Zoroastrians that reside in India that uses the vulture. After placing the dead body of a loved one on their terrace or other open location, the vultures will dispose of the body by eating it.

Bones of the Dead

The families of the deceased in Madagascar have a custom of digging up the bones and participating in a parade about the village in a ceremony referred to as ‘famadihana’. The remains are then wrapped in a new shroud and reburied. The old shroud is given to a newly married, childless couple, which is then used to cover the marriage bed.