Interesting Facts About Healing Gemstones

From the alluring color of emeralds to the intriguing characteristics of cat’s eye, there are a lot of interesting facts and characteristics concerning some of the most popular gemstones in the world. Not only do the following gems have reputations for creating some of the most luxurious jewelry, but they are also used for healing, enhancing the mood, and bringing good luck.


Emeralds plagued by flaws are brittle, dull, uneven in color, grainy, has a hole, and/or does not possess an “inner glow.” If an emerald has black or yellow spots, it is also flawed and should be tossed to the side if you’re interested in tapping into the energy of the gemstone. Real emeralds are sizable yet rare. An impossible find is to come across an emerald that is “eyeglass-clear.” Because of this rarity, it is thought that this kind of emerald has the power to neutralize poison.

Testing Your Emerald: It is said that a real emerald will radiate green light if it is placed in a glass pot with water. If the gem is a fake, you will not see the colored light. Real emeralds will cause a cooling sensation on the eyes when placed on top, while a fake emerald warms rather quickly when put on the eyes. If a drop of water falls on an authentic gemstone, it keeps its shape, while a drop that is places onto an imitation emerald will spread like water.  


The process of a pearl becoming what it is takes place inside of an oyster is an intricate process that increases the worth of the gem. Pearl creation is believed to occur because a foreign material has infiltrated the inside body of the oyster. In an attempt to save itself from the materials the oyster deems undesirable, it covers the object with a coating of nacre, which consists of many different layers. In order to produce a pearl of a substantial size, the oyster takes many years to form the gem inside its body. The entire process is rather delicate and if it is disturbed at any time, the shape and luster of the final product is ultimately affected. The finest of pearls are those that have no foreign matter found at its core.


Rubies with flaws are believed to have consequences. For starters, a dull ruby is believed to cause issues with brothers, while a brittle ruby could lead to difficulties trying to have a son. A crack or feather in the gem is considered bad luck. Bubbles cause the energy of the ruby to become ineffective, while a dirty ruby is also ineffective.


It is said that the wearer of the ring will have the evil influences that Venus may bring removed. Wealth, health, and prosperity become easier to obtain. One may feel invincible. If you fear evil spirits, your mind should feel more at ease.