Interesting Facts about Royals V

Despite being a popular and long-lasting ruler, when Queen Victoria reigned, she survived seven attempts on her life. In this article, you will learn more about the brave royal, as well as more interesting facts and trivia concerning royals and leaders from across the globe.

The Queen with Nine Lives?

One such attempt occurred on May 19th, 1849, when a man standing within the railings of the Green Park fired a shot at her while she was traveling up Constitution Hill. Prince Albert was riding in front at a distance. Queen Victoria did not show any worry ”“ standing up for a moment to tell the coachman to keep moving. She spoke with her three children to distract them from the incident. In the end, an Irishman named Hamilton was arrested for the crime, but did not receive quite a lengthy sentence because there was no bullet in his pistol.

Guns were not always used to threaten the wellbeing of the Queen. At one time, a man rushed towards the carriage transporting Victoria as she neared the entrance of Cambridge House. A male loiterer (who appeared to be someone waiting to get a glimpse at the royal) was responsible for striking the Queen on the face with a small stick. She received a sharp blow that left a severe bruise and slight wound on her forehead. Thanks to the bonnet she was wearing, the damage could have been worse. The police brought in the man, who was a 30-year-old gentleman that did not have all of his scruples. In the past, his eccentric nature lost him a position as an officer in the army. He was given a sentence of seven years. The assault did not slow down the Queen, as she was spotted attending the opera on the evening following the attack.

A Dangerous Pet

The next time you think of keeping a pet monkey, think of the fate of King Alexandros I of Greece (who ruled from 1917 to 1920). He died of blood poisoning after being bitten by his furry companion.  

A Speedy Death

When King George V of England died on January 26, 1936, it was 11:55 p.m. and the ruler could have lasted longer if it wasn’t for the king’s doctor, Lord Dawson. The good doctor administered a lethal injection of cocaine and morphine to the King in an attempt to ensure the ruler’s death occurred before midnight so that news of his passing would hit the morning newspaper instead of an afternoon paper, which was seen as not as significant.

A Distinct Lineage

Queen Elizabeth II comes from a prestigious line of royalty. She is descended from King Egbert (802”“839), who was the first king of all of England, as well as King Fergus Mor Mac Eirc of Dalriada (which is now known as part of Scotland) ”“ who reigned around the year 500.

He Knows How to Throw a Good Party”¦

When King John took claim of the English throne in 1199, he hosted one of the biggest Christmas parties on record. The people drank 200 gallons of different kinds of wines. The feast was comprised of 400 oxen, 1,000 capons (a type of rooster), 1,000 eels, and 200 lampreys.