Interesting Facts about the Dark Ages II

The Dark Ages was not the gloomiest days in Europe ”“ at least not in terms of the weather and certain areas of study. Various groups throughout the continent still thrived and made contributions that would later effect the prosperity and growth of Europe. In this article, you will learn about the impact of the Carolingians, the weather, and Islamic math techniques.

The Carolingian Influence

During a time period known as the Carolingian Renaissance, the late 8th and 9th centuries did bring advancements in the fields of literature, architecture, writing, the arts, and a few other areas. The Carolingians were Franks and their Empire has been called the ‘rebirth of the Roman Empire culture.’ During this time, Latin was being replaced by other dialects as the primary spoken language for people in Europe. The influence of the Carolingians also served as a basis for Western classical music. One of the most well known of Carolingians was Charlemagne, who became the king of Franks in 768.

Artists and Architects

In the early Middle Ages, the styles of architecture showed pizzazz and innovation. Realistic images in art became increasingly prevalent amongst creators, which influenced the Romanesque period that came in the High Middle Ages. Architecture during this time period introduced classical forms and new concepts. Historians note that the early Middle Ages showcased the first examples of both high art and intriguing building ideas.

A New Math

The next time you’re sitting in math class or have to go over your child’s algebra homework, you can thank Islam’s influence and introduction of the first algebra book. Written by Al-Khwarizmi, the Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing had a profound effect on learning. The Arabic title of the publication also offered the word ‘algebra.’ When studying this book, you would have learned how to tackle linear and quadratic equations using a specific system of computation. Other books would also shed light on how to work the decimal-positional number system that is still in use today.

Beneficial Weather Conditions

Living in the early Middle Ages wasn’t so bad when good weather contributed to the enhanced quality of life for people. The Dark Ages didn’t mean that Europe was covered in the doom and gloom of constant darkness. The time period actually marked an increase in warmer temperatures in the North Atlantic region. The climate was so toasty that the Medieval Warm Period was born ”“ a time where ice thawed and the Vikings were able to start the colonization of Greenland and other nations in the north. The weather of the Middle Ages led to an increase in food supplies.

In the article titled, “Interesting Facts about the Dark Ages III,” you will continue to learn about the positive movements that took place in the early Middle Ages, which includes the Byzantine Empire and law system.