Interesting Facts About U.S. Presidents 4

Whether you love a good game of golf or enjoy learning about the family trees of notable people, this article offers interesting facts and trivia regarding the Presidents of the United States, including John F Kennedy and William Howard Taft.

You hear about the President living in the White House, but what is often overlooked is where the Vice President calls their home, as they too are given a designated place to call their own. Ever since 1974, the U.S. Vice-President has made their home at the large Victorian house located on the southeast corner of 34th Street and Massachusetts Avenue in the District of Columbia. It too is the color white and is found on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory. The official name given to the residence is “The Admiral’s House.”

Presidents who are left-handed include James A. Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Harry S. Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. Interestingly, there is a day set aside to celebrate this characteristic , August 13th , named Left Hander’s Day.

Turning 21 years old was never so sweet than in the Kennedy household, as the 35th President of the United States (John F Kennedy) received $1,000,000. Each of his nine brothers and sisters each got a million dollars as well.
Dwight David Eisenhower (the 34th President of the United States) indulged in his passion to play golf so much that he installed a putting green on the White House lawn. Another presidential golf lover was Gerald Ford (the 38th President of the United States), who was known for hitting people in the head with his wild shots. Any spectators soon learned that if they wanted to watch, they needed to possess careful alertness.

When elected, the youngest president ever was John F. Kennedy. He was 43 years old at the time. However, the youngest president inaugurated was Theodore Roosevelt, which took place when he was 42 years old. This took place after the assassination of William McKinley. When he left office, Ronald Reagan (the 40th President) was the oldest president of the United States.

The heaviest President of the United States was William Howard Taft (the 27th), who topped the scales at more than 300 pounds. When he took a bath, he entered a special bathtub in the White House just for himself, which was said to have enough space to accommodate four regularly sized men.

Keeping it all in the family, a handful of presidents have had family members enter the Oval Office. The more infamous of the two have been recent father and son presidents, George Bush and George W. Bush. However, they are not the first father/son combination. John Adams and John Quincy Adams accomplished the feat. William H. Harrison and Benjamin Harrison were grandfather and grandson. James Madison and Zachary Taylor were second cousins. Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt were fifth cousins.