Interesting Facts and Trivia: Weapons VI

Who would have thought that one of the most celebrated artists in history had such terrifying ideas for biological warfare? In this article, you will learn what painter not only made suggestions regarding harsh tactics for winning a battle, but also designed weaponry.

The Periscope

Rifles fitted with periscopes allowed shooters to stay hidden while they kept their targets in sight. A soldier from Australia is responsible for inventing this type of weapon.

What is a Bayonet?

In Bayonne, France, bayonets are produced in 1590. This weapon was a sword, dagger, knife or spike that was designed to fit in, on, over or underneath the muzzle of a rifle, musket or similar piece of equipment. The attachment transformed a gun into a spear, and allowed a fighter to participate in combat within close quarters. The bayonet was also seen as a weapon used as a last resort.

Biological Warfare

The concept of biological warfare (taking out the enemy by using deadly diseases) is nothing new. During the Middle Ages, they would catapult the rotting carcasses of animals over the walls of their enemy’s castle so that they would infect the inhabitants. In 1500, Leonardo da Vinci got in the mix by suggesting that bombs could be made from the saliva of mad dogs or the venom of snake and toad poison.

The First Submarines

It’s hard to believe, but the first submarines were made during the 1600s. This watercraft could travel below the surface of the water and carry a large crew to man the vessel. As for weapons, the underwater warship called a submarine was equipped with torpedoes in 1776. The modern submarines that we know now did not start to emerge until 1901.

Samuel Colt’s Contribution

The American Samuel Colt is responsible for inventing the revolver , a gun that offers a cylinder with multiple chambers with at least one barrel used for firing. When shooting, the user cocks the hammer so that the cylinder revolves to align the next chamber and round with the hammer and barrel. The typical chamber can hold five or six rounds. There are some models equipped to hold 10 rounds or more. While handguns are the most popular form of revolver, there are other weapons equipped with the same technology , such as shot guns, some rifles, and grenade launchers.

The Weapon that Goes Boom

The explosive use of nitroglycerin was invented by Ascanio Solaro in 1847.It was soon embraced as an active ingredient in the making of explosives (such as dynamite) that is still used in construction, demolition and mining industries. At one point, the dynamite was used as a weapon.  

Bombs Away

In the 1900s, advancements of bomb-making were made. Dam-buster bombs were introduced in 1942. Jet bombers and fighters took to the air in 1943. The atomic bomb was created in 1945. In 1952, the first hydrogen bomb was made.