Interesting Insect Facts: Flies

Depending on what kinds of fly we’re talking about, they are viewed as a pesky home intruder or magical icon that often graces jewelry designs. In this article, you will encounter facts and trivia concerning the common housefly, dragonfly, and firefly.

Dragonfly Lifespan
If you’re like me, then you’ve got it in your head that a dragonfly only lives for 24 hours, but depending on the species, they can live on the average to between six months to even five years.

When a housefly eats, it can only ingest liquid material , meaning it has to regurgitate its food in order to make it possible to consume.

The feet of a housefly is 10 million times more sensitive than the human tongue

Taste Tester
Flies use their feet to ‘taste’ foods.

Speedy Dragonfly
When a dragonfly flies, it can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. It is known as the fastest bug in the insect world.

Dangerous Creature
It is said that the common housefly is one of the most dangerous insects in the world because it can carry and transmit more diseases than any other animal across the globe.

Housefly Lifespan
If you’re worried that you’ll never get rid of the pesky buzz of an annoying fly stuck in the house, keep in mind that the lifespan of the average housefly is one month.

A Flicker of Life
A firefly lives only seven days where it spends most of its time locating a mate.

Deer Fly
Beware of the deer fly, which can bite a hole in your skin with their strong mandible, inject a saliva-like material in the wound that keeps the blood from clotting, and then laps up the blood with a spongy proboscis.

Happy Just As It Is”¦
Evolution usually sees many changes in different species of insects, but the dragonfly is an exception. It has not changed over the last 300 million years.

Midge Fly Record
The insect that holds the record for most wing beats per second is the midge fly with a wing beat of 1,046 times a second. The midge fly usually starts out as larvae dwelling in polluted aquatic spaces. There are nearly 2,000 species found in North America.

Backing Up
If you ever take the time to watch their movements, a fly may take off into flight backwards.

The damselfly, which resembles a dragonfly, has been around for close to 200 million years.

Damselfly Numbers
There are more than 100 species of damselflies found in Australia.

Freshwater Insects
The damselfly and dragonfly can be located close to freshwater habitats.

Telling the Difference”¦
Damselflies and dragonflies are often mistaken for one another. A way to tell the difference between the two is when the insect is resting. Dragonfly wings are held away from the body at an 180-degree angle while the damselfly holds their wings close to the body.

The Real Firefly
The firefly actually belongs to the beetle family.

Fly Conditions
If you want to make your environment less desirable to a fly, avoid the following conditions: heat, light, and low wind. Also, keep in mind that flies are attracted by odors. They typically enter a home through open doors and windows located close to garbage and food.