Interesting November 2007 Headlines

November is nearly gone and what interesting things have occurred or have been discovered throughout this month. In this article, you will learn about long-lost biblical wall, newly uncovered dinosaur tracks, and an interesting discovery regarding activity on Venus.

Biblical Wall Found

In Jerusalem, an Israeli claims to have uncovered the same wall that was mentioned in the Bible’s Book of Nehemiah, which has managed to stay hidden from archaeologists for so long. A group of researchers found the wall in the ancient City of David in Jerusalem, as they attempted to salvage a tower that was in danger of collapsing.

Underneath the tower, pieces of pottery and arrowheads were discovered. These fragments of the past were also found close to the wall. They date back to 5th century BC , which was the days of Nehemiah. At first, it was thought that the wall dated to the Hasmonean period (from around 142 BC to 37 BC). When analyzing the structure, it is highly likely that this is the same city wall that the Bible makes mention of. When reading the Book of Nehemiah, the details of the wall are rather descriptive , in terms of the construction. Later on, the Babylonians destroyed the wall. Overall, the discovery is rather significant.

Dino Tracks in Utah

In a section of southern Utah frequented by ATV riders, dinosaur tracks belonging to about six different species has been discovered. This find has prompted the Bureau of Land Management to protect a plot of land measuring the size of a football field in an attempt to preserve thousands of three-toed dino and other tracks. All of this is unfolding around five miles southwest of the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park located in Kane County.

It turns out that some people were already aware of the tracks while other people had no clue what they were riding over when they took their ATVs out to the area. Many layers of rock have peeled away to reveal this great find. Just by looking at the tracks, researchers have been able to pinpoint a sharp-toothed and clawed carnivore species; a three-toed crocodile; and a plant-eating species that was large in size. When it comes to dino tracks, southern Utah is no stranger, as the Jurassic period has left behind numerous dinosaur fossils and tracks, which date back around 190 million years ago.

What’s Going On With Venus?

Usually, you will hear that Venus is the “sister planet” of Earth. However, we can add one more similarity to the list with the discovery that the planet experience frequent bursts of lightning. All of this comes from information gathered by a European space probe. For some, this is no fresh news, as some astronomers have been saying for about 30 years already that Venus experienced lightning. A 1978 NASA probe even showed proof that electrical activity took place within the atmosphere. Now, we know for sure, as proven by the European Space Agency’s Venus Express probe, which captured this feature using a magnetic antenna.