Interesting Tidbits of Trivia

Isn’t it funny that some Eskimos have resorted to using refrigerators as a way to keep their food from becoming frozen? In this article, you will encounter other interesting trivia tidbits that touch upon the lives of one of the former richest men in the world, a well-known general, and a great scientist.

An Honor at the Tender Age of 23”¦

General George Armstrong Custer earned the title of youngest general in all of US history, as he was promoted to the position when he was just 23 years old. He served in the American Civil War and the Indian Wars. His military career started at the beginning of the Civil War, as he was a cadet in the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Eager to send his graduating class into the war, officials sped up the process. Although Custer graduated last in his class, he would make general at such a tender age. However, his first assignment was at the First Battle of Bull Run, where he served as a staff officer for Major General George B McClellan.

Sadly, Custer did not have much time to enjoy his accomplishments, as he died on June 25th, 1876 at the age of 36. At the Battle of Little Bighorn (often referred to as “Custer’s Last Stand”), he and his men were attacked , many of which suffered scalped heads and mutilation. When Custer’s body was located, he was found with a bullet hole in his left temple and one just above his heart. A funeral was held for Custer, where he received full military honors.

There’s Something in My Soup”¦

Did you know that an active ingredient in Bird Nest’s Soup is saliva? This particular dish is a delicacy in the world of Chinese cuisine, which is often looked upon as one of the most expensive animal products that humans indulge in. For example, to get your hands on the pieces of bird’s nest that is used to create the soup, you may encounter price tags of thousands of dollars. There is one option that costs $10,000 in American dollars. The nests have found a place in traditional Chinese cooking for more than 400 years.

Two-Time Nobel Prize Winner’s Woes

Not even winning the Nobel Prize (two times) could cross the gender lines of the well-known French Academy. Just because she was a woman, Marie Curie was not allowed to become a member. Curie would become the only person to win two Nobel Prizes in different fields in science , Physics and Chemistry. In the end, exposure to radioactive materials is surely believed to have caused Curie’s premature death. Even her papers from the 1890s and other possessions (like her cookbook) possess high levels of radioactivity. Because of this, they are kept in boxes lined with lead. Anyone who wishes to have a look must wear protective clothing.

Pretty Cheap

At one time, John Paul Getty was the richest man in the world and yet, he had a payphone installed in his mansion.

It’s Not All Greek!

When it comes to one of the oldest functioning democracies in the world, many consider Iceland to top the list.