Interesting Trivia , Popes, Kings, and Lots of Money

Isn’t it interesting that the man who would become known as Pope John XXIII was actually a sergeant in the Royal Italian Army during the First Word War. He served in the medical corps as a stretcher-bearer and also took the position of chaplain. In this article, you will also learn a bit about the generous amount of money donated by a well-known philanthropist and the origins of a famous magical word.

The Interesting Background of a Pope

Other facts concerning Pope John XXIII include: a) Born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, he was ordained a priest in the Catholic Church of Santa Maria in Monte Santo , located in Rome; b) He was trained as an historian; c) When Roncallu was made Apostolic Delegate to Turkey and Greece in 1935, he used his position to assist the Jewish underground save thousands of refugees in Europe. For his participation, he was looked upon as a Righteous Gentile; d) On Christmas Day, 1958, Roncalli became the first pope to depart the comforts of the Vatican since 1870. He took a trip to the Bambin Gesù hospital to visit children that were suffering from polio.

What a Cheap Shot!

In 1400, Richard II of England died at the tender age of 33 years old. In an attempt to allow people to touch his royal head, a hole was created in the side of his tomb. However, after nearly 400 years had passed, someone took the opportunity to use the hole to steal his jawbone. Richard II served as King of England from 1377 until he was deposed in 1399. His claim to fame involves his influential role in putting an end to the Peasants’ Revolt that took place in 1381. However, he had a weakness for bending the law when he was King, which led to his forced resignation and a civil war to boot.

Open Sesame”¦

While the word, “Abracadabra” has been long associated with magic and casting spells, it was originally used as a way to cure hay fever.

What Are the Chances of This?

Isn’t it amazing that Ralph and Carolyn Cummins are the proud parents of five children (born between the years of 1952 and 1966)? You probably don’t think that’s particularly special, but every single one of them was born on the 20th of February.

Philanthropist at Heart

Over the course of his lifetime, John D. Rockefeller gave away more than $ 500,000,000. From the very first paycheck he ever received, Rockefeller tithed 10% of his earning to his church. The more money he earned, the more he donated with public health, science, the arts, and education on the top of his list. For example, he donated a great deal of money for a college located in Atlanta for African American women, which later turned into Spelman College. Today, the oldest building in existence is called Rockefeller Hall.

Mothers to Be Beware

So much for predictions”¦only one baby in 20 are actually born on the day that doctors predict.  

Get Your Numbers Straight!

Despite its name, the ‘Hundred Years War’ actually lasted for 116 years.