Interesting, Unexplainable, and Unbelievable War-Related Trivia

Funny as it sounds, there is a trivia fact swirling around the Internet that a South African monkey was once awarded a medal during the World War I, as well as given a promotion to the rank of corporal. Why was such a thing done? Upon trying to chase up the source of this fact, I haven’t been able to come up with anything conclusive. Yet in still, this article contains a collection of war-related trivia facts you may or may not have already heard.

Did you hear the one about the colonel stationed with the Ivory Coast army that received fatal gunshot wounds after testing what he believed to be a “magic” belt that was supposed to protect him from bullets with its power? Sadly, Colonel Pascal Gbah, 49 lost his life after a bullet entered his body , shot from his own service pistol. Ironically, it was the 20-year-old son of the creator of the “magic” belt that did him in. If only he dismissed the claims of his cousin (who made the belt) that it held protective powers. Oddly enough, the only criteria was that its true powers were revealed if the wearer abstained from sex when the belt was worn.

During World War II, the Japanese became so paranoid that they actually confiscated chess books, as they feared they contained military codes. Is this why Japan did not have an organized chess federation until 1968 rolled around?

Interestingly, the American army attempted to train bats to drop bombs during the Second World War, but was unsuccessful in the end.

Talk about a short feud , the shortest war on record took place between Zanzibar and England in 1896 after Zanzibar waved the white flag after 38 minutes had passed.

To date, Robert E. Lee, member of the Confederate Army is said to be the only individual that has graduated from the West Point military academy with not one demerit on his record. Now, that’s a good soldier!

It is said that the extras that took part in the battle scenes of the movie “Braveheart” were actually reserves in the Irish army.

On the battlefield, eating something good and sweet can help calm the nerves and pass the time. However, many forms of candy in the past got fingers and hands quite sticky. Legend has it that the melt in your mouth and not in your hand M&Ms were created so that soldiers could enjoy a bit of sweetness without having to worry about the mess. It is said that while traveling throughout Spain while the Spanish Civil War was stirring, Forrest Mars Sr. met with soldiers who were consuming pellets of chocolate encased within a hard sugary coating , their way of avoiding the issue of melted treats. In the end, this was the inspiration that Mars needed to get his M&M Chocolate candy recipe off of the ground.