Interesting Weather Facts: Storms

When a tropical storm comes to town, it’s time to head for cover. If you live in one particular state, then you must be on high alert. In this article, you will learn more about tropical storms, as well as about thunderstorms regarding the United States.

Tropical Storms by City

When taking a look at the statistics for tropical storms and hurricanes from 1871 to 2007, many cities in “tropical” regional of the United States have rated high for the potential of suffering an intense storm of this nature. The state of Florida is the most prone with cities, such as Delray Beach, Hollywood, Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Florida City, Fort Pierce, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale as being on high alert for tropical storms. Other cities in the United States that must be on the lookout are Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and Grand Isle, Louisiana.

Tropical Storm Isabel

Before Tropical Storm Isabel was in existence, it was just a tropical wave that hit Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, as much as 24 inches of rain fell to the ground within a period of 24 hours , causing severe flooding and numerous landslides. The rainfall ultimately resulted in the death of around 180 people.

The Power of a Thunderstorm

The gusts of wind associated with a thunderstorm can actually cause additional thunderstorms to develop some 100 miles away.

Empire State Building

One of the most iconic attractions in New York City (the Empire State Building) has been struck by lightning at least 12 times in a single storm.

Top Cities with Thunderstorms

If you don’t like the rain, then you probably want to stay away from the cities most prone to experience frequent thunderstorms. Based on the average number of thunderstorms that occur on an annual basis, Mobile, Alabama and Lake Charles, Louisiana rank high. The state of Florida by far experiences the most thunderstorms within their cities in Fort Myers, Tampa. Tallahassee, Gainesville, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Daytona Beach, and Vero Beach.

A First for Stormwatchers

The first official storm warning issued in the United States took place in 1870 and alerted the public that a storm was occurring on the Great Lakes.

What is a Supercell?

The most dangerous kind of thunderstorm is called a supercell, which is created when cold air meets hot air. The storm energy is highly concentrated with strong rotating updrafts that can turn into a tornado and even more than one tornado. When a supercell travels over a body of water, its power can cause a waterspout to form.

Fear of Storm Elements

If you are afraid of the lightning that appears during a storm, you suffer from keraunophobia, while a fear of thunder is called brontophobia.