Interview with William Wise

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This is the fifth of a number of Book of THoTH interviews with the speakers at the Symposium Conference 2006 . This being with William Wise. Questions by THoTH and Oddthings.

BoT : Welcome to the interview Mr. Wise.

WW : Thanks for the opportunity to tell your readers a little bit about myself and the Archive!

BoT : You are the creator and curator of the Project Blue Book Archive. Can you tell us what was it that began your interest in UFO’s, i.e. the first influences and why that got you interested?

WW : My father had an interest in UFOs as far back as I can remember so I developed a parallel interest at a fairly early age. Unfortunately, my father was poorly educated and therefore the quality of the literature to which I was exposed was likewise extremely poor. This led to my dismissal of the subject as basically nonsense in my teen years as I became better educated……