Is a earth a Heart that is Collapsing?

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[A Point to Ponder]

Earth belongs to all life. Our earth is endangered by our irresponsible actions without understanding the inter relationship and oneness. Not only the scientist who gave the material power, political leaders who are using it, religious leaders who have remained subservient to material world, but all individuals are participant in one way or the other contributing to the state of the world we are in. Very clearly we have created an unstable world in every aspects, politically, socially, environmentally, religiously and so on. The only way out of this situation is True Knowledge ”“ the Knowledge of Living Nature of the Universe or the Spiritual Truth. Knowledge out to have brought order and peace and very clearly the modern world exist on unreal Knowledge. We are caught in a vortex from which we have not been able to escape to perceive the truth that exists next to our skin.

Here is a point for us to ponder, which when taken to the world can Transform the World from imminent death to life. It can put science on to new foundation and bring back the Lost Reality. It can take knowledge of nature to new height. It can stop war, terrorism and make this world a beautiful one.

The Simple Reality

When the light peaks to its maximum in the west, the seed of darkness is sown in it and simultaneously the east reaches the maximum of darkness and seed of light is sown in it and vice-versa. As the west awakes to light and unwinds [becomes kinetic] the east sleeps to darkness and winds to acts as a sink [becomes potential] for the flow of energy and vice-versa

In other words Earth acts as a heart or double pump as far energy circulation is concerned

. There seems to be instantaneous communication between the two parts accompanied by a quantum flow of energy in a fixed time cycle of 24 units, divisible into 8 units of 3 and comprises of two cycles of 12 units. All the complexities we witness in nature are possibly hidden in this energy cycle and its design and the directional and abrupt changes in it is more related the mind of man, which intervenes to this cycle by breaking the law.

This simple outlook has ramification that affects every field of human interest. The number 3 has been shown to be related to energy transfer.
Large number of experiments has shown that the acceleration of interacting bodies has opposite direction and the ratio of magnitude of acceleration of these bodies is always is 3. This number is also reflected in biological information, suggesting some fundamental relationship in design

The knowledge coming out this simple reality has the potentials to change our outlook on nature and help us reinvent the lost reality of nature. Does this exchange of energy hold the Secret of Quantum World? Is it the cause of climate change and the sudden burst in the increase of
natural catastrophes
both in number and magnitude? Yes it is, the
Universal Quantum Wave or pulse is collapsing
. By our inability to perceive the difference between light, darkness and the importance of time cycle, we have stressed it beyond its limit to repair it self and forcing it to react. The first pulse that supported it seems to be collapsing to give way for new one.

All life has a birth and death. It constantly struggles to survive in changing environment by dynamic information management – developing and destroying information. It conquers time and death by a process of reduction and union in which the Fathers essence goes into the womb of the Mothers to create a New Body to conquer Time and perpetuate. Does the Living Universe follow a similar process too to conquer time ”“ Logically it should. The secret exists in the
Intelligent Design

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