Is Beyonce a Mind-Controlled Puppet Packaging a Hidden Agenda as Female Empowerment?

Love her or hate her…at this very moment, Beyonce is one of the most popular female entertainers in the world. She seems to have it all…a daughter, a wealthy husband, a successful career, and a never-ending crowd of adoring, loyal fans. However, there is something not quite right about the escalating transformation of Beyonce that many write off as ‘female empowerment’. In a society where the songstress is regarded as a role model for many young girls, her messages are heard loud and clear…but is she just a mind-controlled industry puppet being used to push a hidden agenda.

It’s a known fact that beautiful, talented, and influential celebrities are used to push the agendas, concepts, and messages of the higher-ups. There’s always someone much wealthier and more influential than they are pulling some of their strings, and influencing them to make decisions that ultimately serves their own selfish purposes – whether it’s to make more money, spread a certain message, or push a specific product or idea on the masses. It’s the reason why celebrities are paid the big bucks in advertisements to market products and services to the public.

However, over the years, Beyonce seems to have evolved into some sort of larger-than-life ‘goddess’ worshipped and followed by those who wish to have the kind of life, beauty, body, persona, and wealth that she has. But, Beyonce has also shown signs of being a victim of mind control or possibly some sort of programming that also makes her an ultra- over sexualized (and sometimes crass, rude, and unnecessarily aggressive) woman who encourages her ‘followers’ to adopt the same attitude.

Let’s take her latest music video for ‘Partition,’ which basically shows a half-naked Beyonce seductively dancing for her husband in a striptease-like manner where her bare backside is highlighted on more than one occasion. Some chalk up antics like this to Beyonce portraying a strong female figure who is in tune with her sexuality and isn’t afraid to “celebrate it,” but is society so thirsty for guidance that they are quick to accept this kind of behavior, flaunting of the body, and ‘attitude’ as a way to display strength?

Beyonce is also a consistent performer who is featured in many magazines, performing new songs, and releasing music – the public is constantly exposed to her. She is a household name, and influences women of all ages.  Earlier this year, Beyonce released a video, which made an appearance on 106 & Park – a BET-aired music show popular amongst the younger generation. The bulk of the video shows Beyonce dances seductively while using camera techniques that produce an almost hypnotic, trance-like state of mind while viewing the visuals and listening to the lyrics.

What kind of message does this send to today’s youths?

One of the most glaring things about Beyonce is her alter-ego, Sasha Fierce. While some say this is Beyonce showing off her ’empowered’ and ‘strong’ side, the character is actually quite dark. The use of an alternative persona is one of the warning signs of someone who has suffered a trauma or mind control programming – it’s one of the ways that an individual may cope with their traumatizing experiences.
Beyonce occasionally brings out Sasha Fierce to make a guest appearance in some of her music videos, such as ‘Sweet Dreams,’ which provides a range of themes that include dark occultism, the supernatural (or spirit possession) and mind control.

Mirrors also figure into the Monarch MK Ultra mind control programming that some people believe has affected various female artists in the music industry. Beyonce often incorporates mirror imagery in many of her music videos, performances, and even television commercials – such as the Pepsi ad that actually highlighted all of the different ‘personas’ of Beyonce while she mimicked all of their moves. Mirrors also figured in heavily for her performance during her 2013 halftime show for the Super Bowl, which reached an audience of millions.

Also, as seen in this seductive pose of Beyonce in her recent music video release for ‘Partition,’ she is displaying the mark of kitten beta programming, where cheetah/leopard/big cat prints are often associated with the type of mind control of a sexual nature. She also manages to toss in a bit of mirrored imagery while covered in the cheetah spots.