Is Earth A Prison?

Have you ever considered the possibility that modern man might not have evolved on Earth? According to the web site, www.ancestryofman.com, humans as we know them have only been on Earth for around 50,000 years. The owner and author of the theory, W. Lewis, proposes that mankind was placed here because of its propensity toward theft, violence, murder and insanity. He openly mocks evolutionist claims of cro-magnon terrestrial ancestry, claiming that science can not produce one single verifiable fossil or bone that proves our ancestors ever existed on Earth until they were placed here 500 centuries ago.

The web site states:
“The global paleoanthropic and archaeological picture changed dramatically with the sudden and unexpected appearance of Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Cro-Magnon or Modern Man). Their arrival caused abrupt and dramatic change in subsistence patterns, tools and symbolic expression worldwide. This stunning change in cultural adaptation was not merely a quantitative one, but one that represented a significant departure from all earlier humanoid behavior, reflecting a major qualitative transformation. It was literally a “creative explosion” which exhibited “technological ingenuity, social formations, and ideological complexity” never before seen on Earth. While these early Cro-Magnons were anatomically modern, they were not yet behaviorally modern. It is significant that modern anatomy pre-dates modern behavior.”
Does this theory explain why the “missing link” has never been found? Evolutionists have been caught red-handed trying to defraud the public about mankind’s origin quite a few times, the most famous being the Piltdown Man, a notorious hoax perpetrated early in 20th century Great Britain, in which a medieval human skull was combined with the lower jaw of an orangutan  and subsequently “found” in a gravel pit in the near the village of Piltdown, England. Hailed as the “missing link” between man and ape-like species by promoters of evolution for decades, Piltdown man was exposed as a fraud only through later scientific testing and simple observation. The refusal of evolutionists to adhere to the scientific method and allow independent scrutiny of their claims enabled this fraud to persist for over forty years.

In a universe of possibilities and a world of the unexplainable, maybe Lewis is onto something.