Is Evolution Or God Responsible For Humanity?

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Hawks: I think, that indeed, big bang was th beginning, but made but God.
The Book of Genesis presents quite a simple version of beginning of the world, but I think, it was made for humans is this ancient days, to understand. Think, Austra if you would said about Big Bang and quantum physics laws to a man, who lived few thousands years ago, he would understand this??? I don’t think so.

Austra I’m glad Hawks that you brought this up. It does make sense in a way. Man was just beginning civilization; the great revolution of science, arts etc did not take place until way,way later but don’t you think that the story of Adam and Eve is a bit too basic? ..especially since some have built entire religious networks based on this…this kind of means that we have ignored that first prokaryote, ignored the age of mammoths, dinosaurs…monkeys and jumped to the first modern man…

It’s all strange when one really thinks about it…who is God anyway? What about all these remnants…surely the world was like this when it started? (if one does not believe Darwin that is)..whatever happened to the dinosaurs?


PS. Are you guys familiar with the theories attempting to explain why the Stonehenge was built? Although it’s not too far into the past, if this was true, surely mankind is and always has been genius! All God had to do was tell whoever ( Moses?) about the Big Bang! (sorry if that sounds harsh; couldn’t help my evil self!) 😕 

Hawks: I think, that the Book of Genesis was written in a way that was perfect for those ancient people. They only had to believe in it. Trust me. People not always been geniuses…

Why the Book of Genesis should mention ’bout dinosaurs, etc.?
It wasn’t necessary. They were long gone before the first human.

Now only through scientific research we know that all this was more complex, but for our ancestors, this what was written, was enough.

Darth Gibbon: I don’t believe in God because if there is a God who made everything then he certainly isn’t omniscient. If he really knew everything then everything would be a lot more efficient! If I was making a planet full of animals I certainly wouldn’t make it so they had to crap all the time! They would digest everything in the food so efficiently that there would be no need for toilets!

I think he did a bad job on the planet as well. He could have filled the earth with some kind of foam or something instead of all that dangerous lava…

I think evolution is the best! IT HAS EVIDENCE AND EVERYTHING!