Is “GOD” A Symbolic Term For Earth’s Sun?

Since the beginning of time, the fight between good and evil has overwhelmed the Earth.  The fight between good and evil is known as “The Best Story Ever Told”, for it is the only story ever told. The Christian bible, as well as MOST ancient and current religions are based on the very same concept. The Fight Between Good And Evil, or the Fight Between Light And Dark.  The only significant difference between the variance of religions, is each teaching method guides it’s followers to salvation in different ways. Every religion claims they are the “Correct Religion” but can there possibly only be one correct belief system?  Are all the other ones wrong?  Perhaps it’s all symbolic.

Let’s start by taking the words GOOD and EVIL (the two underlying forces in the world). Take an “O” away from the word GOOD, and it becomes GOD.  God stands for good.  Now take the word EVIL, add a “D” in the beginning, and you get the word DEVIL. Devil stands for EVIL.  It is obviously clear that the Words God And Devil are symbolic of Good and Evil. Is this all they are meant to represent, or do God And The Devil really exist?

If the word “GOD” is Good, God would represent the “Light” in the battle of light and dark. The sole provider for ALL Earth’s light is the SUN or SOL.  Jesus Christ (as told in the bible) is “God’s SON” Or the  Good Light. This brings us to the foundation of this article that the terms God And Jesus Christ are direct references to the SUN.

Lets now venture towards Christianity’s two biggest holidays (Christmas And Easter). December 25th is the date associated with Christmas or the birth of Jesus.  When you compare that date to the Sun’s position, it becomes clear why December 25th is the birth of Gods SON or SUN. The lowest part of the Sun’s Cycle falls on December 22nd (the Winter Solstice). During the Winter Solstice, the SUN is Aligned Due South. It takes 3 days for the SUN to move 1 degree, on December 25th, the SUN is born, for that date marks the first step in the new revolution of the SUN CYCLE. Once a Sun Cycle is complete, another one starts.

The first day of spring is March 20th (sometimes March 21st), and it is also known as the vernal equinox. This means it is the exact day separating winter from spring. The exact date of Easter changes yearly, but none the less, it always falls relatively close to the first day of spring. According to scriptures, Easter is the day Jesus Rose Again.  Hebrew And Jewish teachings refer to this time of year as “Passover” (but with different meaning).  In the Sun’s perspective, The first day of spring, or “Passover” is the day the Sun Passes Over the equator.  For the Northern Hemisphere, The first day of spring brings LIFE back into the world.  The Flowers start growing, animals breed, and life becomes plentiful. Does the “Rise Of Jesus” directly reference the return of the SUN to the Northern Hemisphere, therefore bringing life?

Notice in the picture, there is a CROSS and a Circle. All churches have this very same Cross.




The cross represents the Sun’s Cycle Around the Earth.  Specific religious holidays are marked specifically with Astronomic certainties. The bible is filled with clues that directly relate to stellar movement, and the assumption can be drawn that Biblical Practices may be teachings of the SUN Cycle in a deceptive manner. This theory makes it seem like the bible was written as a control device to lead the masses.The Vatican (supreme controller of the Worlds Money, Oil, and Power) may not have Pure intentions as many believe.

These are just a few examples of the concept that “God Is The Sun”. I have Plenty more I will share in Future Articles including relationships with the Pope, Virgin Mary, and the Rapture.