Is Gog Just a “Temporary?” Part 1

My daily commute into Jerusalem to work everyday is about to be interrupted.  Who’s doing this to us now I ask?  Condeleeza Rice?  No! W. himself is snarling the streets of the Holy City for three days.

I hear that George W. Bush is coming into town to promote peace.  Conspiracy theories abound and everyone is speculating about George Bush and his old boy network of Skull and Bones, that elite fraternity of 800 Yale graduates that pull strings all over the United States and around the world.  Is it true that his old man and fellow Bonesman George Bush Sr was called “Magog” and little W. was dubbed “Gog” or “Goggy?”  Or did he prefer the nickname “Temporary?”

New members are assigned secret names.  The new member with the least sexual experience is dubbed “Gog.” The most sexually experienced member becomes “Magog.”  Dad was known as Magog.  The son has been dubbed by different sources as either Gog or Temporary, depending on who you quote.

The tradition of Gog and Magog begins in the Bible with the reference to Magog, son of Japheth, in the Book of Genesis and continues with cryptic prophecies in the War of Ezekiel 38-39. The tradition is very ambiguous with even the very nature of the entities differing between sources. They have been presented as men, supernatural beings (giants and demons), national groups, or lands. Gog and Magog occur widely in mythology and folklore.  Gog will supposedly be a king who will lead the Gentile nations in the last war against Israel.

Will George W. Bush lead the forces of the nations against Israel, or just against it’s traffic?  I guess we will find out as the saga unfolds….