Is Justin Bieber a Teen Music Sensation Molded by the Illuminati?

Justin Bieber is in the news again…recently joking that he’s retiring from music…but chances are quite slim that this will happen. Why? Because Bieber is an influential moneymaker, and one who some would like to say has ties to the Illuminati. His escalating behavior as he goes from boy to young man is cause for alarm, as is some of the personal choices he’s been making for himself, such as the variety of very telling tattoo art that he’s chosen to decorate his body.

Some of the reasons why people associate Justin Beiber with having possible ties to the Illuminati:

Does His Choice in Tattoos Give it Away?

When Justin Bieber inked a rather large owl on his arm last year and then followed up with a single eye tattoo in the fold of his arm, social media was abuzz with the notion of the teen pop sensation embracing symbols often associated with the Illuminati. The secret society has been known to use symbols as a way to influence the public, and celebrities are constantly embracing such symbols by permanently plastering them all over their bodies.

While owl symbolism is often associated with wisdom, the winged creature is also known for representing bad omens and standing as a symbol of the Bohemian Grove (the Owl of Moloch) – a secret society comprised of influential men who operated in the same manner as the Illuminati or Freemasons.

A Teen Sensation Made to Mold the Minds of the Young Masses…

All along the way, Bieber has influenced the younger population, which is why his embrace of Illuminati/occult symbolism is troubling. His music lyrics are sung by the young and older crowd alike. He’s also a music figure whose style others have tried to emulate. How can we forget all of the youngsters that went out and got their hair cut to mirror the style of Bieber – from the modern mop top-style to a reincarnated Vanilla Ice cut?

Molding an influential figure to serve as a kind of “spokesperson” for the brands, images, messages, and goods they’d like to pump is a common tactic of secret societies and those with a questionable agenda. They know that the public is more apt to absorb and accept what they’d like to tell ‘the people’ when it is coming from someone who is popular, looked up to, and admired.

Bieber has also been experiencing increasing brushes with the law with no visible repercussions. What started out as a career centered on a clean-cut music image with boyish charm has now rapidly evolved into a classic case of ‘bad boy’ syndrome. He’s been caught speeding numerous times in his luxury cars. He’s been in the middle of violent and aggressive confrontations, including a clash with a man at a Toronto nightclub, verbally threatening paparazzi on more than one occasion, as well as being accused of spitting in the face of a neighbor. Is this kind of role model you’d like to see a child mimic?

He Also Mingles with the Best of the Illuminati Puppets

Bieber is also known to hang out and collaborate with some of the most known of suspected Illuminati puppets in the entertainment industry – many of which are suspected for having business ties to the secret society, including the following high-profile celebrities:

•    He’s ‘chilled’ with Jay-Z and shares Instagram photos with his fans
•    He collaborates with the like of Nicki Minaj, as seen in the ‘Beauty and a Beat’ single
•    He’s attended the listening party for a Kanye West album
•    He’s hung out with Rihanna on numerous occasions, including an NBA game and parties