Is There a Dark Secret Behind the Resignation of Pope Benedict?

Secret societies involve all sorts of different concepts and beliefs that cross the boundaries of politics, the wellbeing of the public, and religion. Rumor has it that the abrupt resignation of Pope Benedict comes after the increasing emergence of information regarding gay secret societies within the Vatican. Reports have surfaced and in the middle of it all ”“ a suspected all-gay conclave that supposedly participates in so-called organized sex orgies and associates with male prostitutes.

Newspapers previously reported that Pope Benedict was in poor health and virtually getting too old to hold his position. His resignation would become the first to occur in seven centuries, and the move had many people raising an eyebrow. What makes his decision even more peculiar is that he reportedly resigned on the very day that he received a dossier containing 300 pages of an investigation conducted by three cardinals regarding the theft of [certain] Vatican documents.” The cardinals had a goal to get to the bottom of the Vatileaks’ scandal that involved the pontiff’s former butler, Paolo Gabriele.

However, what the cardinals found during their inquiry into the matter is far more disturbing than stolen papers ”“ they seem to have uncovered a ‘secret society’ forbidden in the Vatican. The cardinals learned that conclaves of men within the Vatican were allegedly routinely a part of gay sexual activity.

The suspected men were not only supposedly engaging in sexual activity with one another, but also had alleged encounters with male prostitutes. They also were in attendance at what had been referred to as “organized sex romps.”

The report went on to state that: “Members of the gay lobby included high-ranking Catholic clergy who organized sex romps at a Rome sauna, a suburban Rome villa, and a beauty parlor…” There was also details regarding a university residence used by an Italian archbishop that may have played a role in facilitating the meetings of the group.

As with many things in the dark that eventually come into the light, the meetings of the so called “secret gay underground” of Vatican members was not overlooked. Some found themselves at the other end of a blackmailer’s requests. In some cases, the blackmailers were laymen who had allegedly had relationships with some of the Vatican members.

Pope Benedict caught wind of the secret gay sex societies on December 17, which is when he made the decision to resign on the same date. The Pope would also spend the coming days admonishing those who supported gay marriage and homosexuality. He called it a “manipulation of nature.”

As more details became revealed and news outlets ran with the story ”“ hitting airwaves and headlines around the world ”“ there is a great deal of people who would like to get to the bottom of this scandal. With Pope Benedict resigning, there has been a lot of talk about who will become his successor. It is he who will most likely have to sort out the mess that has become of the Vatican.