Is There a Hidden Agenda Behind the Harlem Shake Craze?

Out of nowhere, the Harlem Shake craze swept YouTube with thousands of variations. Interestingly, the original Harlem Shake was a hip-hop style dance popularized during the early 1980s. It was known as the albee and has roots in Harlem, New York. In 2001, the Harlem Shake started to make appearances in music videos, including G. Dep’s ‘Let’s Get It.’ But nowadays, the ‘Harlem Shake’ is connected to an unrelated song of the same name that was originally uploaded on YouTube on May 10, 2012. It has since gone viral in February 2013, and some people have actually likened the public’s embrace to Illuminati mind control.

Why would some make a connection between the Harlem Shake videos and the Illuminati? For starters, some have questioned the motives of the dance craze based on the lyrics. It isn’t that far-fetched that the Harlem Shake could play a role in a conspiracy to brainwash people. Participating in the dance craze seems to have a contagious, chaotic effect. Spreading like wildfire, many Harlem Shake YouTube videos have racked up more than 100 million page views with new videos being uploaded every day. The craze has touched a wide range of groups in society ”“ from nursing home residents to comic book stores, and from collegiate swim teams to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.

Also, the lyrics for the song actually translate from Spanish to English to mean: “We are the terrorists” or “We are with the terrorists” ”“ interesting choice of wording. Many interpret the wording to serve as a joke to mock homeland security. There are possible repercussions to participating in the dance craze. For instance, University of Alabama freshman Nojan Radfar initially faced possible expulsion for his attempt to create the largest ‘Harlem Shake’ video on his campus. Radfar received a ticket from campus police after being questioned for 30 minutes following an attempt to participate in the craze. The ticket is for attempting to stage a demonstration on the quad without permission.

Is there a possibility that the trending videos are part of a conspiracy to infantilize adults in America ”“ to the point that they “become unaware of the gradual loss of civil liberties?” This isn’t the first time that the government and other entities have used methods to appease the public by giving them just a little bit of what they want. Don’t think that they aren’t paying attention to the gimmicks and trends that attract the attention of the masses.

The dance craze also affects today’s youth as elementary-aged children copy what they see on television and online. If it’s popular or glorified on TV, then they are sure to follow. Therefore, the Harlem Shake could be seen as a way to program and influence the actions of today’s younger generation. According to Alex Jones of Infowars.com, the Harlem Shake promotes an approach to ‘freeze’ the development of men and women and keep them at the mental capacity of 12-year-olds. The objective is to prevent these members of society from becoming able-bodied, free-thinking adults. As a result, these people are less likely to understand (or oppose) larger political and social issues.

What Exactly is this Harlem Shake?

Videos for the Harlem Shake only last between 30 and 32 seconds. The clips start off with an excerpt of the Harlem Shake song by electronic musician Baauer. Usually, one person (often in a helmet or wearing a mask) dances to the song for about 14-15 seconds. They are alone in this endeavor. At the time, other people are around the dancer but do not pay attention or appear unaware to the dancing antics. Then, the bass drops and the video cuts to a crowd of people doing crazy convulsive dances (or acting crazy) for the next 15 seconds. The second half of the video clip shows the people wearing crazy costumes, odd outfits, or dancing in their undergarments. Superheroes are a popular choice in costume. They are often shaking or waving strange objects or props.

If you believe that the Illuminati and other secret groups are pushing for a New World Order ”“ one that comes out of chaos, then the theme of the videos fall in line. Participants are wildly dancing to the music. Some hide behind masks or put on a full costume. Others dance about in their underwear.