Is Willow Smith Being Groomed to Become the Younger Version of Illuminati Puppet, Rihanna?

Last Updated on November 27, 2020 by admin

Over the years, the Smiths (Will Smith and Jada Pinkett) have been viewed by many as a good example of a well-adjusted blended American family with two children who have also made a name for themselves in the movie and music industry. Following in their parent’s footsteps, son Jaden has a few movies under his belt, while daughter Willow released a hit song, ‘Whip my Hair,’ for the younger crowd. However, recent news has called attention to rumors of the couple having an open marriage, their children’s lives heading for ruin, and also, whispers that the Smiths are linked to the Illuminati.

The celebrity spotlight has certainly shown on Willow Smith in the past couple of years, who is often portrayed in the media as an ‘eccentric’ child who isn’t afraid to push the limits of fashion or hairstyles. Ironically, the now 12-year old budding pop musician hit platinum status on the U.S. charts for a song about whipping her hair back and forth, and then months later, shaved off all of her hair. Something is obviously going one, and if you take a look at her ‘Whip my Hair’ music video, you’ll encounter a handful of curious symbols and imagery that could shed light on possible issues – a connection to the Illuminati and possible ‘grooming’ to follow in the footsteps of a suspected puppet of the Illuminati.

” Black and White Floor ”“ Early on in the video, we see a collection of seated youth ”“ all dressed in what looks like institutionalized white outfits. The floor beneath their feet is checkered black and white, which is a known pattern representing duality that decorates the floor of Mason lodges, and is linked with the Illuminati.

”Riri ”“  The astute eye will note the ‘RIRI’ written on the zipper of Willow’s jacket, leaving some to question if this is a reference to fellow musician Rihanna. Some believe that the music industry is grooming the much younger up-in-coming musician to become the next Rihanna, who often embraces the darker side of her celebrity status and is linked to Jay-Z. There are distinct similarities in some of the hairstyles and poses of the musicians, including a shaved short haircut. They are both also known to incorporate single-eye symbolism into their music covers and photo shoots.

When performing ‘Whip my Hair’ for the first time on the TV show, ‘Ellen,’ her intro was singing one of Rihanna’s songs, ‘Only Girl in the World.’The stage for the performance also incorporated the Illuminati Masonic checkered floor and triangles.

”Triangles ”“ In a scene from the music video, dancers are shown wearing blue jackets with a curious-looking logo on the back ”“ a pink upside-down triangle with a symbol near what would be the top that could reference an ‘eye’. This use of triangle shapes also repeats on the cover for the single.

”Hand Gesture ”“ At one point in the video, Willow may have intentionally used an all-too-familiar hand gesture ”“ the ‘Il Cornuto’ ”“ a popular symbol amongst musicians, especially rock and rollers. However, the symbol has a connection to Satanism and devil worship.

Another interesting connection of Willow Smith in regards to the celebrity industry is that she became the youngest artist to sign with the Roc Nation record label, and is mentored by none other than Jay-Z ”“ King Illuminati himself. Their working relationship may even hit a movie theater near you, as Will Smith announced a remake of ‘Little Orphan Annie’ starring his daughter ”“ a project that Jay-Z has expressed interest in providing the music and possibly brand new songs for the production.

Is it possible that Willow Smith is being groomed to become a newer and improved version of Rihanna? It’s a known tactic to attack the minds of today’s youth, and what better way to reach the generation than to use someone their age that they feel they can relate to.