John’s World Views On Current Conditions

1984: The Future

Right now we are fighting “the war on terror” if there is such a thing. Terrorism, like communism, is just another strategy of the government to keep normal people from thinking. The war on terror is a conspiracy designed to give people who are in power all the power. If you oppose the government in any way, you are a ‘terrorist.’

Right now we are giving up our rights by way of the Patriot act (just the name of the act says all), the tax cuts for the rich, the no child left behind (education is power and therefore is too powerful to be given away).

Next stop 1984. In 1984 the following is outlawed:

-decent cigarettes, food or alcohol
-certain words
-turning off equipment that watches you
-saying anything against the government
-not participating in certain events
-not doing your exercise

Use your head. Don’t ever take anything by face value.

When you are recieving input ask yourself:

-Why are these people telling me this?
-What are they trying to accomplish?

Mind now: Some people are not really alive, that is they have no first person perspective. I have always been me ever since I was born however for these people, there perspective (if they have any) is different.

Watch out! society wants power over your:

-mind (only so they can get more of the first 3)

Never give up!