June Birthdays: Astrological Myths 2

When it comes to any tree that represents the Druids, it is the oak and is often referred to as the “king of all trees.” In Celtic tradition, June is the month that centers on the oak tree with the 10th day serving as the start of Duir (the month of the oak tree). In this article, you will learn about this celebration, as well as information about Saint Vitus’ Day and Matralia.

June 10th Birthdays

When paying homage to the oak, it is considered a time of complete empowerment. Even the meaning of Duir is significant, as it translates into ‘door.’ During the month, it is believed that this time opens a door that leads to greater wisdom of life. As a Gemini born on this day, you are eager to enjoy a relationship full of love and affection, but must retain a certain level of freedom that allows you to keep pursuing the things you love in life.

June 11th Birthdays

If you lived in ancient Rome (and are a female), you would be able to participate in the Matralia on your birthday. This celebration was held in honor of Matuta , the goddess of fertility and nature. The only individuals allowed to participate in the rituals were free women. Geminis born on this day tend to stray from their Sun sign, as they often make decisions based upon their emotions and feelings rather than their intelligence or logic.

June 14th Birthdays

If you happen to work with leather and was born on June 14th, then this piece of good luck information may interest you. During modern Asatru days, June 14th was especially sacred to leatherworkers. On this day, the son of Odin, Vidar, was acknowledged, as he is known as the patron of leatherworkers. His claim to fame is surviving the destruction of Ragnarok (known as the ‘final destiny of the gods’).

By placing a large leather boot in the mouth of the demonic Fennis wolf, Vidar was able to defeat the beast. Ever since, Nordic leatherworkers would save their scraps and bury them in a pit for Vidar, as a way to keep away bad luck. A June 14th birthday boy or girl should tap into the challenges and adventures that each new day brings , a quality associated with this birth date.

Other myths, traditions, and ancient associations observed in the middle of June include:

June 15th Birthdays , Saint Vitus’ Day pays homage to the patron saint of Bohemia, who is believed to have survived being boiled in oil, tossed to the lions, and stretched on a rack. He suffered no damage and actually died peacefully at his own home.

June 16th Birthdays , To this day, the Incan Festival of the Sun takes place in Mexico, which dates back to a powerful Peruvian celebration of the past. Present-day rituals in Mexico include an ancient custom of burning old clothing in an attempt to ward off bad luck.