June Birthdays: Astrological Myths

From Mormon leader Brigham Young to astrologer Grant Lewi, June serves as the month where many versatile characters share a birthday. In the first weeks of June, the zodiac sign Gemini dominates the calendar. The twins represent the duality found in nature and the world. Good and evil, yin and yang, and male and female are just some of the associations. In this article, you will encounter some of the myths, ancient traditions, and folklore linked to June birthdays.

June 1st Birthdays

Interestingly, the Roman goddess Carna (known as the keeper of locks and doors) shares her special day with June 1st birthday boys and girls. Comparable to the Norse goddess Syn, Carna also celebrates with Tempestas, who is the goddess of storms. It is she that roams about unforgivably testing out the doors and locks. Today, a pagan festival of the Oak Nymph is celebrated, honoring the hamadryads, which serve as the female nature spirits that set up their homes in oak trees. Those born on June 1st are seen as sharp, lively, and with an interest in stirring up trouble every now and again.

June 3rd Birthdays

On this day, the festival of Cataclysmos takes place , a celebration that unfolds on the island of Cyprus. By the seaside, a ritual is observed that includes prayers for the souls of the departed, sacred dancing, and water games. During ancient Roman days, June 3rd was known as the time to worship the Bellona, which was the goddess of war and the personification of force , both the wife and sister of the war god Mars. Full of energy and fun-loving charm, Geminis born on this day tend to gather a great deal of friends and acquaintances.

June 5th Birthdays

If you were born on June 5th, have you tapped into your thinking and theorizing abilities yet? It is believed that this zodiac sign has the ability to take advantage of great innovative ideas shared through an ingrained gift of communication. On the same day that you celebrate your birthday, the Irish saint Gobnatt (who is associated with the Irish goddess of sacred stones and cairns) is also celebrated. If you live in the southwestern part of the U.S., the San Ildefonso Pueblo holds the annual Corn Dance , their way of making sure a plentiful harvest is enjoyed. A legend attached to this date states that the ancient, fabled land of Atlantis drowned into the sea in 8498 BCE.

June 7th Birthdays

During ancient Roman days, people gathered to celebrate Vestalia, a festival that paid homage to the hearth goddess Vesta. Starting on the 7th of June, the celebration would last for eight days. Temple doors were open for married women to enter. The sacred fire inside was rekindled and prayers were offered to the goddess. After the festival had passed, the temple doors to the shrine were close once again and only the Vestal Virgins were allowed inside. Constantly thinking, a Gemini born on this day often bears the quality of being a seeker of the truth.