Just What Sort of Message are Monster High Dolls Sending to Young Girls?

This Christmas, there will be plenty of companies marketing an array of flashy toys and gift ideas for young girls, but one of the most popular options of today that has stood the test of time is the doll. However, the dolls currently lining the shelves of toy stores are much different than the Cabbage Patch Kid and Barbie dolls of yesterday – we have a new crop of role models leading the pack, such as the semi-controversial Monster High Dolls made by Mattel.

Instead of cutesy shades of pink, rainbows, flowers and bright smiles, Monster High is a collection of characters found on the completely opposite side of the kiddie toy spectrum. They follow in the same vein as the Bratz dolls, but with an undeniable difference. Although geared towards young girls, the fashion dolls are remarkably different from other dolls because they have been inspired by monster flicks, science fiction, and demons.

Often referred to as ‘ghouls,’ the characters are depicted as being the offspring or related in some way to some of the most well-known of monsters in film history, such as the Mummy, Dracula, and Frankenstein. Others are linked to zombies or the undead. The dolls are identified by their monster-like features and characteristics, such as fangs, stitches, bandages, and snakes.

The main characters are:

  • Frankie Stein (daughter of Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein)
  • Clawdeen Wolf (daughter of a werewolf)
  • Draculaura (daughter of Count Dracula)
  • Cleo de Nile (daughter of the Mummy)
  • Deuce Gorgon (son of Medusa)
  • Lagoona Blue (daughter of the Creature from the Black Lagoon)
  • Ghoulia Yelps (daughter of a zombie)

Other minor characters include the daughter of a banshee, a voodoo doll, an adopted daughter of parents from Greek mythology, daughter of a ghost, daughter of a yeti, and other offspring related to a witch doctor, genie, and boogeyman.

Aside from the fact that the characters represent ghouls, demons, monsters, the undead and the occult, one of the most disturbing facts is that the dolls are scantily clothed. They are basically wearing next to nothing – shown in skimpy skirts, tank crop tops, hot pants, and high-heeled shoes. Since the dolls are marketed for girls under the age of 10, this kind of attire is disturbing. It’s disturbing to even market this type of clothing to young teens, let alone to a younger demographic. Mattel is basically encouraging today’s youth to embrace the image of characters that some parents have likened to ‘prostitutes.’

Others have also pointed out that the Monster High franchise supports some of the same concepts associated with the Illuminati’s agenda, such as glorification of death (their lockers are in the shape of coffins with skulls for locks), hypersexualization (their outfits are not acceptable for high school students), and in some cases, Monarch mind control. Illuminati symbolism, such as single eye symbolism, the all-seeing eye, dual personalities, and hints of sex kitten programming, have all been incorporated into the cartoons featuring the characters.

The Monster High concept has been around for about three years now, and the dolls even have their own television specials on Nickelodeon, DVD movie, software, and a web series. In addition to Monster High books, the dolls are also featured on a variety of goods, including stationary, video games, and other items. They’ve certainly grown in popularity over the years, and it’s sad to see these characters being marketed and promoting such values to today’s young girls.