Katy Perry Releases Illuminati Filled Music Video for ‘Dark Horse’

After the kind of Grammy performance that Katy Perry chose to deliver for her single ‘Dark Horse,’ where she embraced a witchcraft and occult-filled theme, it is no wonder that the songstress decided to push the envelope with the music video for this same song. The newly released video for ‘Dark Horse’ is filled with references to the Illuminati and other symbolism that causes viewers to raise an eyebrow or two.

Almost in an overly intentional move to highlight these kinds of symbols, Perry decided to focus heavily on ancient Egyptian culture, which you should already know by now has a strong connection to the all-seeing eye Illuminati imagery we see today.

Whereas viewers likened Perry’s Grammy performance of the song to an occult ritual unfolding across the stage, the music video storyline of ‘Dark Horse’ is based in ancient Egypt, where plenty of possibilities regarding themes of the occult, magic and the Illuminati, can take place. If Perry is intentionally embracing and spreading such symbolism to prove a point to her critics, it’s just as bad as doing it to highlight an allegiance to a secret society.

An Illuminati-related music video just wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t incorporate the all-seeing eye in some way, shape or form. This is one of the most overused symbols throughout the music video, and it is seen in physical props, such as an Egyptian eye fan that she uses to cover one of her eyes to her actions, like using one of her hands to physically cover one of her eyes. Perry even has a blue all-seeing Egyptian eye print decorating the wig she is wearing.  

Pyramids and obelisks also make a guest appearance in the music video, where she even takes a playful take on the well-known Illuminati symbol and has a pyramid made out of Twinkies. The significance of the obelisk and other related buildings goes back to the theory that the Illuminati have erected a range of monuments around the world.

Themes of mind control are also expressed in the ‘Dark Horse’ music video. Some of the male ‘servants’ are wearing headgear that looks like the birdcage version of something they would have worn in ancient days. Birdcage symbolism is often associated with being a sign of mind control – something that Perry herself has been accused of being – the victim of mind control and programming. At one point, the singer also appears as a ‘ bird’ – depicting an ancient Egyptian goddess in the process.

Other pieces of symbolism that make an entry into the ‘Dark Horse’ music video includes horned “beasts,” snakes, magick, and ancient Egyptian deities.

As for the lyrics of ‘Dark Horse,’ people have theorized everything from speaking of relationships in occult terms to referencing the dangers of drug addiction. However, the words of the song do feed the imagination for a lot of the visual elements of the music video, including birdcage and mind control imagery that stems from the line, “Like a bird without a cage.”