Kennedy Assassination is Linked to Classified UFO Files

On November 12,1963, President John Kennedy issued two Presidential memorandum.  The memorandum instructed that NASA and CIA were to begin cooperating with the USSR on joint space missions including a lunar landing.  A conversation occurred between John F. Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev on the same day.  The conversation was about the importance of sharing information involving UFOs as they move forward with their joint space missions.  Leaked documents of the conversation and the role of the CIA in controlling the UFO classified information directly implicate the CIA in Kennedy’s assassination that happened ten days later. 

In addition to the two Presidential memorandum, another document leaked of how much Kennedy was going to share with the Soviet Union in declassifying the UFO files.  The declassification of the files was an aim to avoid risk of a mistaken military confrontation over UFOs.  The document is that of a Top Secret Intercept of a “Hot Line” conversation between President Kennedy and Soviet Premiere Nikita Khrushchev dated November 12, 1963.  Kennedy and Khrushchev discuss the importance of their UFO working groups to deal with the UFO problem to avoid risks of future conflict.  Kennedy told Khrushchev, “I have begun an initiative with our NASA to exchange information with your Academy of Sciences in which I hope will foster mutual concern over this problem and hopefully find some resolution.”  Kennedy was referring here to the National Security Action Memorandum that was released on the same day, November 12, 1963.  Kennedy also said, “I have also instructed our CIA to provide me with full disclosure on the phantom aspects and classified programs in which I can better assess the [UFO] situation.”  While the NASA intercept has not been conclusively determined to be authentic, it is consistent with the November 12 National Security Action Memorandum 271 titled: “Cooperation with the USSR on Outer Space Matters.”

The risk of mistaken identification of UFOs leading to an accidental nuclear war was also considered by NATO at the same time.  According to Robert Dean, a retired Command Sergeant Major who worked at NATO headquarters from 1963-1967.  In 1964 NATO issued a Cosmic Top Secret document.  This document discussed a threat that the mistaken identification of UFOs being mistaken with a nuclear first strike by the Soviet Union.  Titled “The Assessment,”  Dean said that it was feared that mistaken UFO sightings could start an accidental nuclear war.  Dean’s statement validates the content of the alleged “Hot Line” transcript and gives support to its authenticity.

Who knows what the Soviets were up to back then?  Where they just trying to get our classified UFO documents?  Did they even have any documents of their own?  Was this an elaborate scheme to get our documents, thinking with these documents they might be the strongest nation?  Was that the only way to stop the Soviet Union from getting the UFO documents?  This shows what our Superiors will do to keep classified documents classified.