Kesha Latest Music Video Incorporates Illuminati Symbolism…Again

One of the latest songs and music videos that suspected Illuminati puppet, pop singer Kesha, has churned out is called ‘Crazy Kids.’ She continues to spread the message and encourage chaotic behavior, not caring about consequences, and starting ‘trouble.’ These messages help fuel a generation of youths who have no respect for the authority of their parents, teachers, or the police. She also continues to support the imagery of the Illuminati, as seen in the accompanying music video for the song.

The digital download for ‘Crazy Kids’ hit the market on April 30, 2013, which featured a handful of guests ”“ from will.i.am (from the Black Eyed Peas), Juicy J, or Pitbull. Looking just as wild and eccentric as she wants to be, Kesha filmed the music video for ‘Crazy Kids’ on May 9, 2013, where pastel cornrows decorate her scalp and are paired with glittery, colorful nails. However, the public didn’t get a taste of the video until it debuted on MTV on May 28 ”“ premiering right after the finale of her television documentary titled: Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life.

Dual Personalities

Like the madness that Nicki Minaj seems to capitalize off of, Kesha has garnered the same kind of attention as she also displays dualistic personalities in her music and lyrics. In ‘Crazy Kids,’ some have described her lyrics as giving you a sweetness that comes off as melancholy as she touches upon her insanity. Throughout the hip-hop sounds, the singer inserts graphic languages and explicit lyrics. She also mentions: “I’m no virgin or no Virgo, I’m crazy that my word, though.’ These words are quite telling because a dual personality or multiple personalities are often related to MK Ultra mind control.

The Message of ‘Crazy Kids’

As if the ‘kids’ of today need any more urging or encouragement to rebel, Kesha still promotes a partying lifestyle where youths don’t really care about what happens as a result. She also gives praise to ‘being crazy’ and wild. A few lyrics to note include:

“Ke$ha don’t give two f****
I came to start that ruckus
And ya wanna party with us
Cause we crazy motha****”

“This is all we got and then it’s gone
You call us the crazy ones
But we gon’ keep on dancin’ till the dawn
‘Cause you know the party never ends
And tomorrow we gonna do it again
We the ones that play hard
We live hard
We love hard
We light up the dark!”

Not Without Illuminati Symbolism”¦

Of course, Kesha just wouldn’t be Kesha if she didn’t incorporate some kind of nod to the Illuminati, and there it was ”“ an all-seeing eye symbol drawn onto the palm of her hand. This is not the only time that this controversial symbol has appeared in a music video or fashion statement associated with Kesha. She’s even had all-seeing eyes painted on her fingernails before.

Kesha also has a habit of displaying single-eye symbolism often connected to the Illuminati ”“ often covering one eye in her music videos or photo shoots. In her video for the song ‘Animal,’ she creates a pyramid with her hands, and the scene is quite illuminating ”“ which also has a link to Satan.

In her ‘Die Young’ video, she not only covers one eye with a hand, but also wears an all-seeing eye ring, to boot. This same video flashes various imagery, including a skull and bones, which is the symbol used to identify one of the most notorious secret societies in the United States. Pyramid imagery continues to appear throughout the video. Pentagrams and upside-down crosses (often related to Satan and the occult) are also incorporated into the video.