Killer Condo Has Satanic Christmas Line that Joins Other Disturbing Clothing Designs

Killer Condo is a relatively new clothing company known for incorporating inverted crosses, pentagrams, occult symbolism, and references to Satan into their designs. This Christmas, the company has released a ‘Merry 666-Mas Anti-Christmas Sweater’ in red and white that uses an inverted cross and ‘666’ in the design. With a description that encourages buyers to ‘shock and awe parents, neighbors, and concerned citizens of the community,’ it’s clear to see where the company’s intentions lie. There are plenty of other designs from the company that send questionable messages to the younger generation.

A few designs to mention include:

Satantic Youth Mens T-Shirt

Killer Condo is responsible for designing this mens youth T-shirt sold on the company’s website, as well as across the Internet on websites, such as Too Fast. The first thing you notice is that the T-shirt is a spoof of the iconic logo for the ultra-popular coffee company Starbucks. The words ‘Starbucks Coffee’ are replaced with ‘Satanic Youth’ accompanied by inverted crosses (in an upside-down position) as decorative features. A female goddess character is at the center of the design; she is surrounded by flames as if to depict ‘hell’. A pentagram is seen on the forehead of the goddess, who also has a horned or goat-like features on her head – all references to Satan. The description for this T-shirt is: “Just your daily commercialized dose of satan in a cup!”

Occult Symbols for Dummies T-Shirt’

Killer Condo describes the occult graphic on the ‘Occult Symbols for Dummies T-Shirt’ as providing an ‘extremely helpful and informative quick reference guide for concerned parents.’ Some of the symbols seen on the shirt includes the Eye of Horus (all-seeing eye), an inverted cross, the sign of the Freemasons, the pentagram, the Il Cornuto (the finger gesture often associated with rock musicians), and Mickey Mouse (sometimes associated with a form of mind control).

Cat Magic T-Shirt

Killer Condo’s take on ‘black’ magic’ involves cats. At the center of a encircled cat graphic, you will find a handful of interesting details that the company design manages to cram in. We see an inverted cross above the cat’s head. The background of the circle is a five-pointed star in the upside down position which is often associated with Satan. The cat also has a third eye at the center of its forehead – either it is a reference to the third-eye chakra or pays homage to the all-seeing eye imagery related to a single eye.

Purr Evil Sweatshirt

Cats have played an important role in ancient Egyptian culture, as well as the occult, so it’s no wonder that felines are used to make a reference in some of the statement clothing of Killer Condo. In this particular design, there is a cat with whited-out eyes, which makes it look possessed or ’empty.’ An inverted cross at the center of the cat’s feline establishs its Satanic implied connection. The words ‘Purr Evil’ are spelled out over the cat.

Life Sucks Unisex T Shirt

The unisex T-shirt titled ‘Life Sucks’ has a red design with lettering against a white background. The font for the words are a play on the T-shirts often associated with lifeguards. An upside down, inverted cross bisects the wording.