Kylie and Kendall Jenner – Industry Puppets in the Making?

With all of the influence and wealth that the Kardashian sisters have accumulated from their time in the public eye and entertainment industry, it’s a wonder that they haven’t been accused of having a strong connected to the Illuminati or used for any other questionable agendas. Perhaps, it’s because the younger generation is gravitating more towards their two younger siblings, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who are making a name for themselves in the fashion and modeling world. They even have a clothing collection deal with a company that is using Illuminati symbolism to market the pieces in their line for juniors.

The Jenner sisters are still in their teens, but are making some adult waves regarding the photo shoots, advertisements, and other publicity material related to their Back to School Collection for juniors – a collaboration between the girls and PacSun – a California-based retail company geared towards the culture and lifestyle of youths with a Cali feel. As the youngest members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, marketing executives certainly didn’t waste any time figuring out how to capitalize off of the beauty and appeal of the fashion-forward, fresh-faced teens.

Word of Kendall and Kylie partnering up with PacSun to create a juniors’ collection inspired and designed by the girls hit headlines last year. The anticipated early 2013 launch took off as scheduled with trendy creations that included dresses, jackets, high-waisted shorts, and eye-catching tops. As the back-to-school season is in full swing, you’ll see the most recent display of Illuminati-related symbolism associated with the Jenner sisters in the ads for this line.

Single-eye symbolism seems to be the girls’ Illuminati-related reference of choice. In one image of the photo shoot, the two sisters are posing in front of a backdrop of palm trees, and Kylie either decides to or is told to cover one of her eyes with a palm leaf. In another scene, Kylie is shown solo with hair draped across her shoulder, which also happens to cover one of her eyes.

Another point that has been brought up regarding the Jenner sisters is the over-sexualizing nature of today’s youth culture, and the marketing and portrayal of the girls. Seeing the two teenagers with diamonds covering one of their eyes has brought to mind references of Beta Kitten programming to some observers, which is one of the ways that the entertainment industry attempts to control (or program) and shape the careers of female celebrities and so called ‘role models’ of our youth.

Throughout the number of public appearances that both girls have under their belt, they’ve slipped into the easily embraced Illuminati symbolism that is increasingly portrayed in photo shoots, advertisements, and the clothing of today’s entertainers and celebrities.

Some of the photos below depict the separate occasions in which both girls have either worn clothing or made hand gestures associated with the Illuminati. The first shows Kendall wearing a glittery top depicting an all-seeing eye (Eye of Horus), while Kylie makes a blatant reference to single-eye symbolism by posing with a ‘666’ hand gesture. Her hair covering the space where her eye would normally show through is equally creepy.