Large Humans, Giant Egyptians, Dimensional Shift, And Giants

Last Updated on June 3, 2020 by admin

Wow, we are getting into some excellent topics. Sorry I been away a while, Just came back from vacation last night..

My views are a bit different, But on the same line. I believe giants did exist, and I believe Government agencies retrieved Egyptian remains that were some 14-16 Ft tall with mis shaped skulls.

Many Egyptian chambers, and structures have larger doors, stairs, beds, and such. I believe many Egyptians were very large.

I came to the conclusion that Some giant humans did exist in the dinosaur ERA, AND THESE DINOSAURS WERE CALLED DRAGONS. sorry about caps. This would be where all the dragon folklore comes from.

When these large humans existed, they had a different conscious level than we did. They were on another dimensional plane and were much more spiritual.

When the earth shifted on its axis, we were descended into our 3rd density reality we know today. This was the Adam and Eve Era. They realized they were nude, and became more self aware. They were punished and inherited guilt, and a subconscious to fight.

I also think a New dimensional Era is in the midst of revealing itself. Our governments are super worried about global warming and methane release. They say it can destroy many countries in a decades time. This would cause migration and adoption of millions of people into various countries arising governmental conflicts of all kinds.

Guess we will see in the upcoming months and years