Legendary Bird-like Creatures

Whether the creature is covered in feathers or uses a beak to attack, there are many creatures of legend that cultures around the world have believed in for many years. Early oral and written histories and folktales have spoken of such creatures or monsters. In this article, you will encounter a few examples that touch upon myths associated with the Guarani, Hindu, Native American and medieval cultures.

Mboi Tu’I , Guarani

The Guarani culture is related to the indigenous peoples of South America. One of the myths associated with the Guarani speaks of a legendary monster named Mboi Tu’i, whose name translated into ‘snake-parrot.’ This monster took on the appearance of both creatures. With scaly skin and a red, forked tongue , Mboi had characteristics of a serpent. He also had a large head covered in feathers and the beak of a parrot. It is said that if you look at this creature, you will have bad luck. Mboi was believed to wander about the swamps , on a sort of patrol to make sure that the amphibians in the area were protected. Another bird-like quality of Mboi was his ability to loudly squawk , a sound that could be heard from far away and was known to scare those who heard it.

Barnacle Geese , Medieval Folklore

These creatures of medieval folklore get their name because they are birds believed to have hatched from barnacles. Legend had it that the Barnacle Geese were born of driftwood. The description of the birds is very connected to Mother Nature. Seaweed covers their beaks and the sap of the wood is thought to provide food for the creatures. They are thought not to breed or lay eggs like other birds do, but to simply emerge from the timber.

Jatayu , Hindu

When reading the Hindu epic Ramanyana, Jatayu is a demi-god in the piece is described as having the form of a vulture. In the text, he attempts to rescue Sita (the wife of Rama) from Ravana (the King of Lanka) while he is on his way back to his kingdom in Lanka after the kidnapping. Jatayu fights with honor with the King, but age got to the best of the demi-god and he was bested. When Rama finds Jatayu during his search for his wife, he is dying. Jatayu tells Rama what happened and points him in the right direction as Ravana continued traveling south.

Thunderbird , Native Americans

A legendary creature associated with the Native Americans was a commanding, strong bird that was thought to possess supernatural powers. A great deal of cultures in the Pacific Northwest has embraced the concept of the thunderbird, as it appears in many pieces of art, songs and oral histories of the people. Some people say the thunderbirds are a species of bird, while others say they are a singular being. The birds are also described as being quite smart, yet full of wrath. It is not recommended to get a thunderbird upset.