LHC Surprise Reignites Apocalypse Fears

The Large Hadron Collider, the device still feared by armchair physicists to possibly bring about the end of the world has made a scientific breakthrough that has may scratching their heads.  The discovery was unexpected by many who suggest these new findings will require a whole new understanding of the laws of physics.  Of course the most incredible part of this story is that these drastic changes will have to be made to the world of science and the LHC has currently only been turned up to half of its full power potential and not even scratched the surface of the Higgs Boson particle.

The data collected was incredibly technical, but included an incredibly detailed trajectory analysis of the particles bursting off of the collision.  The formation that sprung up from the collision suggested an unexpected formation resulting from the incredibly powerful collision.  The graphical data indicates a ridge coming off of a point indicating something present even between the observed particles.  One of the theories coming from this unexpected formation is that even beyond the particles that can be observed there is actually more and possibly even smaller “stuff” that may interact in the fabric of space and time but cannot be observed through any known means.

And with these unexpected results comes a very serious question that will inevitably be asked by many.  If we truly don’t understand the particles being collided, and in fact if they are behaving in ways quite different from what all scientists involved expected, can those same scientists continue to tell us that the LHC cannot possibly open a black hole that could stabilize and cause an unexpected and largely disastrous result?  Essentially if we don’t understand what’s going on with the LHC even now when the accelerator is working at 50%, how confident can we be really that it will not cause a massive black hole that will over the course of trillions of years swallow the entire universe; but not before swallowing the Earth first?

With understanding of the physics involved in the LHC clearly still in its infancy, there are many scientists who are scrambling to come up with an explanation for the unexpected results and attempting to understand how they change the implications for the large hadron collider’s future experiments.  And while no one has raised any red flags about the experiment or future experiments changing the world yet, there will no doubt be questions raised about the ability for scientists to end the world inadvertently through their experiment.

But is there really anything to this?  But while the LHC has not spelled the apocalypse for Earth just yet, it most certainly has spelled major changes and promises the end for many aspects of our understanding of physics.  And as the dial is turned up to increase the power in future experiments, these changes will undoubtedly be followed by still more.