Life Is More Stressful Than Ever Before

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It seems like humanity is approaching it’s breaking point.  It costs $45 to fill a car with gas, on top of the already blistering prices of standard living.  It’s getting tough in the financial world.


Corporate mombo jumbo’s breathe down your neck so you meet their criteria, and you slowly turn into a drone at work. Prices rise constantly, as seasoned workers get laid off. Behind the scenes is a sinister corporate collar, who just saved the company 9 million this quarter with his cutbacks.


Years ago, a young person could work as a cashier at a supermarket, and earn a decent living, even own a house. Times have changed since than.  Most households need 2 full time incomes to stay afloat.  Relying on a supermarket cashier job alone will almost guarantee roommates in an apartment life style.


Millions of households have troubles with childcare, because they need 2 incomes, but can’t afford a nanny. So the duties are juggled, and the children absorb the brunt of the blow.


The pressure of sustaining your financial future is as glum as the attitudes we encounter everyday.  Friendly neighbors are becoming sparse, and civil disturbances are becoming more common.  The fiber that holds us together is weakening. Is a snap in humanity inevitable?


Medicare and Social Security Services will soon be bankrupt. The system is struggling now supporting the elderly, but major troubles are ahead and the baby boomers are reaching retirement age. Life expectancy has been on the rise, and people are living longer than ever.  Unless major reform in our Governing system occurs, the downward spiral will continue,


Global scale chaos is on a stable incline, as bloodshed and mayhem consume the Muslim Countries.  The stakes are high, the prices are tremendous, and the people will bear the brunt of this.  The climax has not been reached yet, and already prices are near unbearable.


As the people of this world are unpleased, so is the Earth herself.  Different species of Birds, Mammals, and insects are disappearing as our temperature is rising.  Earth Quakes are rumbling, and Hurricanes are brewing. Destruction levels are rising, and all this will continue to rise.


Is this trend reversible, and if so, is it too late?  That’s the money question.