Life’s ratio – the golden mean number

What is the Golden Ratio aka Phi?
The golden ratio is a number-relation between the ‘whole’ and the ‘part’ in the universe. It is a unique relationship that exists in our consciousness and the universe for more than 4000 years.
It is a divine proportion and is both physically and spiritually accepted in the universe.

The Egyptians and the Romans have used the golden ratio in their artwork and were the first to connect mathematics with art. The pyramid, the famous painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo De Vinci were said to be almost made in the proportions of the Golden Ratio.

Phi is equivalent to 1.618 and this appears in the physical design and patterns of almost all living creatures. The best example is the human face.

It is said that the golden ratio is:
If a line AB is divided into two parts, the dividing part is called C. Then the ratio AC to CB is equal to AB to AC ratio.

Examples of the Golden Ratio in different aspects of life
The Golden Ratio is present in our face, our DNA, in our body temperatures, pages of a book, just like the presence of spirals in our galaxies. fingerprints, etc.
Let us take some examples which for a little deeper look into the Golden Ratio.
The human body
Our body is the perfect example of the divine section. A study claims that the human proportion is based on Phi, which is in turn based on 5. The number 1.618 is calculated using 5’s:
5^.5*.5+.5 = Phi

Take your hand and look at the Index finger. In your finger, each section from the tip to the wrist’s base is larger than the last one by the ratio of 1.618.
The ratio of your forearm to the hand is Phi.
The feet have different proportions of Phi such as the distance from the toe line to the big toe.

DNA as the golden ratio
The Base of all lice, DNA, is said to be 31 Armstrong in length and 21 Armstrong in width, both are Fibonacci numbers. Their ratio is 1.619, close to 1.618. The DNA spirals are also in Phi. The ratio of the major to the minor groove is 21 Armstrong to 13 Armstrong.

Presence of Phi in temperatures
If we take the Phi point of 37 degrees centigrade, the human body temperature, we get 23 degrees centigrade which is the ideal room temperature.

Physical and spiritual aspects follow Phi
If you look at the golden rectangle, the long side is phi(φ) times bigger than the shooter side.
This rectangle is used many times in architecture because it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. So we know that all physical aspects follow Phi.

If we take the number one and find the indefinitely repeating square root of one, we get φ. Also, it is written in Exodus 20:1, “I am the Lord, your God and you shall have no other Gods before me.” One in its purest form corresponds to the lord who is the creator of the universe. But the lord is also infinite. So we confirm that God is the infinite one. And we know that φ holds an infinite unfolding of one.