Lil’ Wayne’s ‘Love Me’ Music Video Offers Disturbing Imagery, such as Monarch Mind Control

In the wee hours of the morning, MTV2 currently plays the Lil’ Wayne music video titled ‘Love Me,’ which also features musicians Drake and Future. He’s rapping about some of his usual topics ”“ using derogatory slang to refer to women and showing them in submissive, compromising positions. Filled with disturbing imagery, such as single-eye symbolism, butterflies and references to animals, the music video also seems to heavily embrace the concept of Kitten Programming ”“ a form of Monarch mind control.

There’s nothing desirable about the symbolism or lyrics associated with ‘Love Me,’ and if you don’t know any better ”“ you’d think it’s just Lil’ Wayne being Lil’ Wayne. Taking a look at the deeper meaning of the music video requires a brief understanding of Monarch mind control, and how the references to felines fit into the grander scheme of things.  

What is Kitten Programming?

Monarch mind control is trauma-based mind control that people tend to associate with government testing and the Illuminati. Many conspiracy theorists believe that a handful of popular celebrities (including musicians) have been ‘programmed’ in such a manner to spread Satanic or questionable messages through their music and public appearances. In conjunction with Monarch mind control, Kitten Programming is an offshoot that relates to the brainwashing of females ”“ turning them into sex slaves. Typically geared towards women, this kind of programming is described as being about to create the ‘ultimate prostitute.’

Kitten Programming Symbolism in ‘Love Me’

Throughout the ‘Love Me’ music video, Lil’ Wayne seems to assume the role of the ‘handler’ of the featured women. They are not your ordinary females ”“ many take on animal-like qualities. Many times, they represent someone who is enslaved, as some of the girls are locked up in cages. The video presents the ‘trapped women’ in such a way that the true meaning behind the scenes is easily overlooked.

Viewers (especially the younger generation) become tragically desensitized to the underlying message. However, this is the same way Monarch programmers would punish, traumatize, and strip away the humanity of their victims.

Displaying cat eyes and later licking her hand (like a paw), one model appears with a feline-like print across her face ”“ a direct reference to Kitten Programming.

Butterflies are a well-known symbol of Monarch programming, and there’s a few instances that appear in the music video. One of the most obvious nods to Monarch mind control is the model with a large, colorful butterfly covering one of her eyes. In another scene, Lil’ Wayne sits on a bed surrounded by women ”“ some of which are lying on the floor. Even the choice of the framed illustration decorating the wall in this scene points to Monarch programming ”“ it depicts several images of butterflies.

Other disturbing imagery, lyrics and scenes found in the Lil’ Wayne video includes:

”¢    The shape of a Baphomet head (also known as the goat of Medes) briefly appears in the fire emitted from a lighter, and serves as significant symbolism used in mind control programming.

”¢    One of Lil’ Wayne’s lyrics actually says, “These hos love me like Satan, man!” In one scene, Lil’ Wayne appears with horns sprouted from his forehead ”“ just like Satan. In regards to Monarch programming, it is not uncommon for slaves to endure Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), which involves participation in traumatic rituals. Female slaves undergo procedures meant to create ‘brides of Satan.’ To intensify the trauma and abuse, handlers will often tell the slaves that they are Satan.

”¢    Lil’ Wayne also appears with white eyes, which is also a symbol of demonic possession.

”¢    By the end of the music video, women crawl on their knees within a white room ”“ much like cats or kittens. Upon reaching a bathtub filled with red liquid (presumably representing blood) in the middle of the room, the women become covered in blood, as they roll around in the redness.

It’s a shame that the majority of viewers who come in contact with the ‘Love Me’ music video will not fully comprehend the hidden meaning behind the lyrics and video symbolism.