Live From Bohemian Grove and Others-W Cont

Since we last examined George W. Bush, new secrets have come to this writer’s attention about our president’s afterhours activities.  This summer he will be blocking traffic in northern California.  It appears Bush’s nefarious Skull and Bones Club is connected with a west coast Branch calld the “Bohemian Club.”

Since 1873, has a secret elite been holding secret meetings in the ancient redwood forest of Northern California? Members of the so-called “Bohemian Club” include former Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan. The Bush family maintains a strong involvement. Each Year at Bohemian Grove, Members of this all-male “club” don red, black and silver Robes and conduct an occult ritual wherein they worship a giant stone owl, sacrificing a human being in effigy to what they call the “great owl of Bohemia.” 

W. hangs around with a weird cast during the ceremony.  Walter Cronkite is the voice of the Owl, known by the name of “Molech.”  At it’s feet, ancient devotees sacrificed their children.  Is this a mock ritual, or is there more afoot?

Now W. wants to sacrifice and cut up Israel.

Evidentally, God is upset with George Bush.  Witness freak tornados in      Arkansas.

On January 8th, a report came out about this ‘freak tornado’ which hit Jerusalem, Arkansas.  Weird facts:

1)  An Arkansas tornado

2)  This tornado hits a city called  ‘Jerusalem’.

3)  It destroys a church called, ‘Mt. Zion’.

4)  Hits in a place called ‘Pope’ County

All this on the day Bush leaves for Israel to goof up my traffic by going against the Bible and dividing the Land of Israel.

The very next day, Thursday January 9th,  another calamity strikes America.  As Israel experiences a very heavy and unusual fog during Bush’s visit, central Florida gets hit with a freak heavy fog.   A mega 70 car accident takes place.  The worst highway disaster in Florida’s history.  

The number 70 is the number of nations that met in Paris, France, to raise billions of dollars to create a viable Palestinian State.  70 is the number that the letters Gog and Magog add up to.  Gog and Magog is the war of the Nations of the world who come against Jerusalem and Israel.  And the nations of the world, numbers 70 according to the Bible as explained in the story of the Tower of Babel where G-d mixes up the people with 70 languages, who then disperse to become 70 different nations.

Is all of this just a weird coincidence?  You decide!