Lost Civilization

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I found 2 small metal objects with my metal detector about 21/2 yrs. ago after close inspection I could see the objects were some type of strange artifacts.I took them to the local government archaeology office and they took a quick look at them and called it slag and they did’nt even look at them with a loop or microscope so I sent photos to all the top Museums and none could identify them so I began my own research.It has been about a year and I have collected many incredible artifacts that anyone can see are not geofacts or slag.I was told no one will stop you from collecting geofacts or slag so that is what I did but now I believe they will be called artifacts.
when I found my first stone artifacts that I was sure matched the strange metal artifacts I contacted the archaeologist and they told me I had found Geofacts that were made by nature they only looked at photos and never would look at the real stones but I was sure they were wrong on both points.I continued my collecting and research and now I have a collection of what I am sure are the most ancient American artifacts of the oldest American culture ever discovered and some artifacts are very unique such as the metal mask that matches cave art and artifacts from paleolithic Euorpe and the smallest crystal skull known to exist and the Disc that can create pictures that can not be seen untill the correct light comes across it that you would have to see to believe. These artifacts need expert examination and this is what I am now seeking because the Disc and the Mask are going to reflect photo images that are going to be very hard to believe but no man today can create art like these artifacts will reveal.I am also looking for a museum, university or archaeology club that will do excavations because all my stone artifacts are surface finds and I can only imagine what is underground.I have kept the artifacts and information secrete from the public until now.This Lost culture is the origins of America and America and the world needs to know. You can view the artifacts and information at