Lucid dreaming

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Lucid dreaming


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I thought we already heard about this 7 hours of sleep thing..

Ok.. The Next Excercise.


Visualization Excercises.

As you close your eyes, and make yourself confortable, I want you to[0;31;40m[PAUSE][7D[0;37;40;1m [7Dvisualize colors..

The Spectrum, in fact.


This process is an excellent relaxation technique, and brings you closerto your subconscious mind while in the waking state.

First Color = Red… Think of the color red.. Actually see this color inyour mind’s eye. It can be a red spot… or a red porche, a red rose..Anything red… You simply have to make sure that the color red has been seenand experienced.

Second Color = Orange… Do the same as with the first.. See the color[0;31;40m[PAUSE][7D[0;37;40;1m [7Dorange in your mind’s eye.

Do this same process for all of the colors upon falling asleep..

You dont need to do this every night. Once a week is fine.. However..You might find that its an extremely relaxing state that the excercise putsyou in.. So, you might wanna do it more often.

This excercise puts you in a relaxed, alpha state.. as well as stimulatesyour inner eye for detail during dreaming.

Many times, you will find that you fall asleep before you even reachViolet.. this is good.. because you will most likely find youself in a dreamof the last colored object that you were imagining.


[0;31;40m[PAUSE][7D[0;37;40;1m [7D

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