Lucifer Has Friends Within the United Nations

Would you trust a company formally called the ‘Lucifer Publishing Company’? Yes Lucifer”¦as in the proper Latin name for Satan before his fall. This name has become a known reference for Satan within the Church and in popular literature. The Lucifer Publishing Company was founded in the early 1920s and underwent a name change in 1925 to The Lucis Trust, but their message is still the same. Today, a group that this nonprofit service organization sponsors has been recognized by the United Nations as a non-governmental organization (NGO) and is represented during regular briefing sessions for NGOs at the United Nations.

The woman behind the Lucifer Publishing Company is Alice Bailey, who along with her husband Foster Bailey founded the company to print Mrs. Bailey’s esoteric philosophy books ”“ nearly 25 of them. Alice Bailey concentrated on the occult, “esoteric” psychology and healing, astrological information, and various religious themes. Some who have looked deeper into the readings and have gained an understanding of her writings and Lucis Trust website suggest the organization represents the beliefs and actions of a Luciferian New World Order. Bailey also has a reputation for spreading propaganda meant to ‘brainwash’ people ”“ with an emphasis on persuading the minds of children.

Founded in 1932, the Lucis Trust formed the World Goodwill group ”“ an organization meant to promote what Bailey dubbed, “Love in Action.’ The Lucis Trust sponsored the group, which has a stated purpose ‘to help mobilize the energy of goodwill; to cooperate in the work of preparation for the reappearance of the Christ; To educate public opinion on the causes of the major world problems and to help create the thoughtform of solution.” The Lucis Trust also has what is called consultative status (roster level) with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. However, the constant reference to light suggests that the group believes in energy and power of Lucifer on earth.

Over the years, some of Bailey’s statements and writing material have attracted negative scrutiny and deemed controversial, which involve opinions regarding nationalism, Fascism, Zionism, Nazism, Africans, Jews, Judaism, and Christianity.

Bailey’s writings and organization have been quite influential ”“ leading to the formation of various groups, movements and publications. Alice and her husband founded the Arcane School as a way to distribute spiritual teachings and promote daily meditation and study in groups of three (called ‘Triangles’). A belief stemming from this school is that divine energy is received through meditation. The concept of ‘New Age’ gained a great deal of steam from Bailey’s extensive use of the term in her books ”“ prompting some writers to associate her with jumpstarting the New Age movement. Some of Bailey’s concepts have also been embraced by neopaganists. It has additionally been written that the works of Bailey were influential in the formation of what is referred to as ‘UFO religions’ – some of which believe the world was created by extraterrestrial beings instead of God.

Today, the Lucis Trust has headquarters in New York City, London, and Geneva. Interestingly, the original NYC location was once on 666 United Nations Plaza. According to their charter, the organization continues to emphasize their objectives of encouraging “the study of comparative religion, philosophy, science and art; to encourage every line of thought tending to the broadening of human sympathies and interests, and the expansion of ethical religious and educational literature; to assist or to engage in activities for the relief of suffering and for human betterment; and, in general, to further worthy efforts for humanitarian and educational ends.”