Magic Mirror Spell

Mirror, mirror on the wall , let me visit my lover in my dreams. With the magic mirror spell, you may conjure up the energy to attract the thoughts of your lover or send comfort when you are separated. In this article, you will learn how to cast this spell using only a few items, such as an incense, candle, and mirror.

Materials for Mirror Spell

The best time to cast this magic mirror spell, wait until a full moon has appeared in the sky and perform the spell after dark. While this spell works well on any day, Monday (also known as ‘moon day’) is one of the most fortunate of days to perform the spell. Before casting the spell, make sure you have the following materials on hand:

·    1 jasmine incense stick or cone
·    1 white or silver candle (6 to 8 inches long)
·    Matches or a lighter
·    1 mirror (full or half-length), which is covered with a black cloth
·    1 large bowl of spring water

How to Cast a Magic Mirror Spell

First, you will cast a circle to start out the spell. Next, light the incense, followed by lighting the candle. Once completed, recite:

‘I call upon the powers of the full moon
Sun’s light reflected in the night sky
To empower my spell and carry my likeness
To light my lover’s dreams in the darkness’

After reciting the above words, uncover your mirror, which has been covered in a black cloth during the beginning of the spell casting. This is the point where you will concentrate on fixing your reflected image in your mind’s eye. From the bowl of spring water, sprinkle a bit onto the mirror image and recite: ‘I name thee [use a name of your choice that isn’t your own]’ When speaking into your reflection, raise your arms and chant the following: ‘[Chosen name], I give you life for one moon only/ To go to [state your lover’s name] in his (or her) dream/ To put them in mind of me/ So mote it be.’ Immediately cover the mirror and put out the candle.

The Significance of the Mirror

When it comes to magic, mirrors are known to hold a special meaning. All over the world, they have served a purpose in a variety of traditions and rituals. Possessing a flat surface, a mirror has the power to reflect three dimensions despite its shape. Many turn towards a mirror for magnification and distortion. Because of this, a mirror is seen as rather powerful as an amplifier of magical energy. Just consider an old superstition associated with the mirror, which says that a reflection has the mystical ability to hold ‘souls.’ In this spell, it is believed that you are able to enter the dreams of your loved one by using your own reflection.

Warning: To take advantage of mirror magic, keep in mind that this spell is supposed to bring you closer to your love and does not work if you have already broken off your relationship.