Magic of the Calendar

When you’re ready to perform magic, the lunar phase plays an important role. In this article, you will learn about the magical connection between the moon, the calendar, and astrological signs.

Phases of the Moon

Some spells are more powerful on a full moon. The three phases to become familiar with is the waxing, full, and waning moon. The waxing moon is considered the ideal time to perform magic when you wish to attract things towards you. The full moon is often associated with werewolves, but for magic, it is thought the time where the greatest power is obtained. The waning moon is believed the best time to study, meditate, and to perform some magic , but not the kind meant for eliminating negative energies.

Days of the Week

When it comes to reading into the days of the week as they pertain to performing magic, certain days are better than others for different spells because of the ruling planet. Monday is connected to the moon, which presents the ideal conditions for peace, sleep, healing, compassion, purification, fertility, and elevating psychic awareness.

Mars, who is associated with passion, courage, sex, and protection, rules Tuesday. Mercury rules Wednesday, which taps into the conscious mind and creates the right setting for travel, divination, and wisdom. Perform spells of money, prosperity, and expansion on Thursday, which is ruled by Jupiter. Venus rules Friday, which makes it easier to attract love, friendship, and beauty. Saturn rules Saturday, which deals with the household, homes, longevity, and exorcism. Healing spells, spirituality, success, and protection are connected to Sunday, which is ruled by the Sun.

The Moon and the Zodiac

The Moon is in continuous ‘motion’ through the zodiac, starting at Aries and ending with Pisces. Each sign is significant in its own way. The following explores the Moon’s sign as it pertains to the zodiac.

Aries , The Moon makes people more argumentative in their conversations, or assertive when dealing with others. Things can take place at a fast past, but quickly fizzle out.

Taurus , When you begin a project during this time, it has the likely chance of lasting the longest. People will have a better time to appreciate the beauty around you.

Gemini , This is a time for communication, to have fun, and enjoy games. If you begin something now, changes can come easily from outside influences.

Cancer , It becomes easier to build emotional connections with others during this time. This is also the best time to address concerns relating to the domestic front.

Leo , During this time, it becomes easier to focus on the self rather than lend support to others. It is not uncommon to see the melodramatic side of others.

Virgo , This is the time to concentrate on health, complete everyday tasks, and take on the requests of employers and other people in high positions.

Libra , Participating in social activities and cooperating with others is associated with the Moon playing a role in Libra. Balance and partnership also becomes significant.

Scorpio , The awareness of psychic power increases at this time. Don’t be surprised if you see people becoming more secretive or worrying about something.

Sagittarius , The imagination seems energized at this time. Confidence increases, and the Moon sign embraces adventure, expansion and growth.

Capricorn , This is a time to focus on tradition and responsibility. Handle your obligations, as well as take the time to set boundaries and rules for others.

Aquarius , This Moon sign offers the ideal time to toss away bad habits and make quick changes in life. Focus on individuality.

Pisces , Concentrate on your dreams, tapping into your psychic ability and letting your intuition lead the way. Engaging in spiritual activities is suggested.