Make your stomach healthier again: improve your digestion

I bet 9/10 people think about food 90% of the time. Snacks while working, watching movies, reading, and in between breaks. Eating in a fancy restaurant has become a major source of refreshment these days. But would you be able to enjoy all your favorite cuisines if you have an upset stomach? 


Every 8/10 people suffer from acidity, loose motions, stomach ache, indigestion, etc. They depend on medicines for cure which they take on a frequent or regular basis. I think you can relate to it too. What if I tell you that you can get rid of all these problems without medicines? Makes you eager to know right!. 


Here are some tried and tested methods that will ensure that you get rid of all your stomach problems forever. 

Yoga for better digestion

Isn’t yoga such an easy and simple way to achieve the health and body of your dreams? There is a yoga pose for every health issue. To improve your digestion and be the foodie that you are, follow these simple yoga poses. 


  • Paschimottasana The seated forward bend pose is useful for gas and constipation. It will help you reduce your abdominal fat.


  • Balasana – A child’s pose is very beneficial for your hips and lymphatic system. 


  • Pavanmuktasana wind relieving pose will improve your digestion and also help in gastric problems. It will also provide strength to your abdomen muscles. 


  • Trikonasanatriangle pose stimulates your appetite, removes constipation, and improves your digestive system. It will also improve the way your kidney and your abdominal organ work. 


  • Ardha Matsyendrasana half lord of the fishes pose(sounds dramatic!). It gives a gentle massage to your abdominal organs and improves the functioning of the liver and pancreas. 


All these yoga steps are easy to do at home, require no equipment, and also provide you internal strength. They not only solve digestive problems but also prevent them from happening further by improving functionality and providing strength. 


‘Yoga works by targeting the root cause of the problems, unlike medicines that are only temporary solutions.’ 

Tips for improving the digestive system

Yoga wouldn’t last long if you don’t opt for a healthy lifestyle, neither would medicines. Here are some simple tips to do to increase the positive effects of yoga. Don’t worry I won’t make you stop eating everything.


  1. Eat the right food – I know you don’t like this advice but taking small breaks from restaurant food and eating light will help your tummy a lot. 


  1. Fiber is the key – Even if you dine outside, try including food with high fiber. 


  1. Try eating mindfully – eat slowly, chew properly, pay attention to your food and not on the television, and remember everything your mother used to say while you were eating. 


  1. Say no to late-night eating – your body needs a little moving and a little time to digest. When you lie down after eating, it causes heartburn and indigestion. 


~ Pro-tip: Try including probiotics in your diet through foods like yogurt, kimchi, and miso. They provide the necessary bacteria for better digestion.