May Birthdays: Astrological Myths 2

From the cat-headed goddess Bast to an Indian god of the woodlands, many deities were celebrated in the middle of May. If you were born on May 10th, 11th, 12th, or 14th , check out the festivals and astrological myths linked to your birthday.

May 10th Birthdays

If you live in Madurai, India, then you will have the pleasure in participating in a celebration that pays tribute to the sacred marriage of the god Shiva and the goddess Meenakshi. At all the temples dedicated to Shiva, gatherers sing hymns and make offerings of incense and white flower petals. Hong Kong residents celebrate Tin Hau on this day with a festival that devotes a day to the Chinese goddess of the North Star. Individuals celebrating a birthday on May 10th are known for taking full advantage of their go-getter flair, independence, and ambition.

May 11th Birthdays

Three days of feasting was customary for the celebration of Eisheilige (known as Ice Saint Days), which honors saints Mamertius, Servais, and Pancratius. This festival associated with German and Swiss folklore pays homage to the threesome who were nicknamed the ‘Three Chilly Saints’ because their feast days were often linked to the appearance of a late frost. It was tradition to avoid planting crops until the icemen had departed. A hint to tap into your true Taurus self, seek out people that are intelligent and interesting when looking for a relationship. When you have found true love, allow your affection, romance, and devotion to pour out.

May 12th Birthdays

The Egyptians were not the only culture to worship the cat-headed goddess known as Bast , Queen of the Cats. In Belgium, people would don cat costumes for an annual parade that centered on felines. This same date meant something quite different to people living in India. People celebrate the annual festival of Anranya Sashti , a god of the woodlands, who was often connected to the pagan horned deities Pan and Cernunnos. Taurians born on this day often gravitate towards art and enjoy indulging in self-expression.

May 14th Birthdays

Dag, the ancient Norse goddess of the Sun, was pretty well liked, as she is at the center of a 10-week long celebration of daylight that the people of northern Scandinavia participate in. The Festival of the Midnight Sun starts on May 14th. Another deity that this day has special meaning to is Ing, the male consort of the Earth-mother goddess Nerthus.  It is his rune that symbolizes light and conjures up thoughts of the possible levels of energy that the summer season may bring. An individual with a May 14th birthday oftentimes possesses a practicality when dealing with the future and usually have a solid understanding of the past and present.