May Birthdays: Astrological Myths 3

Towards the end of May, birthdays no longer focus on the bull and begin to celebrate the entry of Geminis into the world. The twins symbolize a duality that often plays a role in some of the astrological, ancient, and mythical connections to May birthdays. In this article, you will find out which day was devoted to the ancient Greek Pythian Games, as well as what day involved the sacrifice of a she-goat.

May 21st Birthdays

Each year, ancient Romans hold Agnoalia , a celebration that pays homage to the god Vediovis (also known as Vedius), who seen as Jupiter’s counterpart in the underworld. Known as the deity in charge of swamps and volcanic activity, Vediovis’ Festival involved the sacrifice of a she-goat, which was thought to ease the disruptive forces associated with the underworld and nature. Being born on May 21st meant that a birthday boy or girl most likely possess optimism, versatility, and independence as characteristics.

May 23rd Birthdays

During ancient Roman times, the sacred rose festival called Rosalia was celebrated on May 23rd on a yearly basis. This celebration was dedicated to the spring season and to the flower goddess Flora and the love goddess Venus. During that time of the year, roses greatly flourished along with other flowers. This allowed the people to create a variety of teas, perfumes, and cosmetics. If your birthday falls on May 23rd, have you ever felt like you were one step ahead of your peers , showcasing cutting-edge and innovative ideas and thoughts?

May 26th Birthdays

Villages across England, Ireland, and the western part of Europe observe Well-Dressing Day, which is celebrate with the showing of impressive wreaths and offerings of flowers meant to pay honor to deities and the spirits of the wells. This tradition has a history that is traced back to the Fortinalia , an ancient Roman well festival that took place on the same day each year. Individuals born on this day are connected to the root number eight, which infuses ambitious into your Gemini characteristics.

May 27th Birthdays

Each year, this day is set aside for a Roman festival that honors Diana of the Wild Wood. In the evening, celebrations were dedicated to goddesses Diana and Prosperina, as well as the Three Fates. These honors focused on healing ceremonies that took place in the nighttime. As for the Celtic goddess Sulis, she enjoys a festival at Bath that pays homage to her efforts of overseeing the sacred hot spring. Usually, a Gemini individual born on May 27th possesses a dreamy quality.

Additional May birthday connections to astrology, ancient traditions, and myths include the following:

·    May 28th: In ancient Greece, the Pythian Games were held every four years that honored the serpent goddess Python.

·    May 29th: In Rome, the god Mars was honored by farmers who would dine at feasts and participate in prayer.

·    May 30th: This day was sacred to the Norse goddess Frigg, who was known as queen of heaven and consort of Odin.

·    May 31st: During the annual Triple Blessing of the God Buddha, the people offered flowers, incense, and rice during a festival that lasted three days.