Maybe Exceed Light speed :)

The speed of light cannot be accellerated by our physics. So, a four-dimensional object would solve that. It would be able to generate more energy because E=MC^2. Velocity is harder to increase with heavier objects, so a 4D object would create more mass without changing weight. Therefore, the MC^2 would be higher. THe four-dimensional object thing may seem weird, but consider this. Da Vinci was believed by some to have been able to see what others can’t. This supposedly a ‘four dimension.’ He told of a story of a master architech who built an odd house. It was made of eight perfectly equal cubes. The structure was a tower four cubes high, and on the third cube, another cube was connected to every other side. Now, in this story, when the people walked in, there was an earthquake. The people felt normal on the inside. But on the outside, the architech could only see one cube. The axes of the other cubes fell into the base. Because the architech fused all cubes together so tightly, they couldn’t break arpart. When the people inside walked out the front door, they entered the back. This because a ‘four dimensional hybercube’ had resulted. Light and matter skipped over the 3D planes. So, the couple would look out the front door and stare in the back, because the light they were seeing had been taken form the resulting area, the back, because of the fact that the 3D light didn’t appear. Back to the theory, this ‘4D hypercube’ could actually generate enough energy and momentum to exceed the speed of light, and therefore go to fast for the space-time continuum. When the object stopped and fell back in, it would be much farther along it the continuum, therefore accelerating to the future. Also, the energy produced by this could solve all gas and nuclear problems. This is only a theory though, I can’t really test it on my current budget(nothing). Tell me what you think!