McDonald’s Business Practices ”“ Part II: Why Do Some People Feel McDonald’s Corporation is Affiliated with the Illuminati?

We’ve touched upon the corporate greed associated with McDonald’s and how it has a far-reaching hand across the globe. Now, we will take a look at why some people feel the corporation stays in line with aspects of the New World Order. This includes the use of questionable advertising practices, possible subliminal marketing, and billionaires bent on controlling the world.

For starters,  there is the issue of Illuminati symbolism and the possibility of subliminal messages being sent out to further ‘brainwash’ the public. For starters, there have been past advertisements that incorporated questionable symbolism such as illuminating pyramids with the Eye of Horus.

During an episode of the Iron Chef America, an inserted image caught the eye of a viewer who swore he saw the logo for McDonald’s flash across his television screen in the middle of the show. When he slowed down the video (frame by frame), the logo did indeed appear for about 1/30 th of a second. After posting his find online, the company and television show were both forced to respond.

McDonald’s is indeed an Iron Chef sponsor. A spokesman for the network said that it was a technical error that they corrected for future episodes, and that they weren’t intending on sending out a subliminal message. But, how did it get there in the first place, and doesn’t it seem like too much of a coincidence? Subliminal messages are a technique in marketing that aims to reach the subconscious mind in such a way that an individual may feel compelled to act or think a certain way. In this case, flashing a McDonald’s logo may subconsciously move a person to crave something from the restaurant.  

Some conspiracy theorists feel that McDonald’s has a connection to the Illuminati because they suspect a link to Zionism. They say that the Zionist movement has a great deal of billionaires attached to it ”“ people they believe appear to have an interest in controlling the world and hold high positions ”“ some of which are associated with McDonald’s business affairs.

In regards to the Illuminati and a New World Order agenda, the pyramid mentality is alive and well if you take a look at how McDonald’s conducts its business. People in control of corporations like McDonald’s see themselves as being on a higher level over the poorer masses. Some people have pointed out a connection between McDonald’s and the 2012 Olympics, in regards to questionable displays of power and influence.

The messages that McDonald’s send out to the public is one of ‘family fun’ and good, cheap food that offers a lot of choices, when in reality, the company is really pushing many products that do not live up to normal standards of health. As a result, people are actually receiving fewer choices but are made to think otherwise. The colorful gimmicks, commercials and ads are used to mask the unhealthy ingredients, as well as the company’s wasteful use of resources, animals, food, and people. Reports even link McDonald’s to the destruction of rainforest land.

This giant, powerful company dominates the marketplace with its food ”“ feeding off of its materialist mentality with no regard for the greater picture. McDonald’s can be seen as a company that actively contributes to the chaos that will have a profound effect on the future of business, food and health.

If food is to play any part in the New World Order, McDonald’s is certainly helping to reduce the population with some of its food and business practices. On one hand, starving populations develop as a result of their business practices that take place in foreign lands. On the other hand, they are contributing to an increasingly severe health crisis. They do all this while making billions of dollars in the process.